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Badakhshan, A. and Arab, M. and Rashidian, A. and Gholipour, M. and Mohebbi, E. and Zendehdel, K. (2018) Systematic review of priority setting studies in health research in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Eastern Mediterranean health journal = La revue de sante de la Mediterranee orientale = al-Majallah al-sihhiyah li-sharq al-mutawassit, 24 (8). pp. 753-769.

bay, A. and Ali, S. and Ghezelsofla, M. and Keramati, H. and Moradi, B. and Fakhri, Y. (2018) Dataset on non-carcinogenic risk via nitrate and nitrite in the groundwater of Divandarreh County, Kurdistan province, Iran: A potential concern for drinking. Data in Brief, 20. pp. 1822-1828.


Cowan, A.J. and Allen, C. and Barac, A. and Basaleem, H. and Bensenor, I. and Curado, M.P. and Foreman, K. and Gupta, R. and Harvey, J. and Dean Hosgood, H. and Jakovljevic, M. and Khader, Y. and Linn, S. and Lad, D. and Mantovani, L. and Nong, V.M. and Mokdad, A. and Naghavi, M. and Postma, M. and Roshandel, G. and Shackelford, K. and Sisay, M. and Nguyen, C.T. and Tran, T.T. and Xuan, B.T. and Ukwaja, K.N. and Vollset, S.E. and Weiderpass, E. and Libby, E.N. and Fitzmaurice, C. (2018) Global burden of multiple myeloma: A systematic analysis for the global burden of disease study 2016. JAMA Oncology, 4 (9). pp. 1221-1227.


Esmaeili, A. and Shokoohi, M. and Danesh, A. and Sharifi, H. and Karamouzian, M. and Haghdoost, A.A. and Shahesmaeili, A. and Akbarpour, S. and Morris, M.D. and Mirzazadeh, A. (2018) Dual Unsafe Injection and Sexual Behaviors for HIV Infection Among People Who Inject Drugs in Iran. AIDS and Behavior.


Fakhri, Y. and Mousavi Khaneghah, A. and Conti, G.O. and Ferrante, M. and Khezri, A. and Darvishi, A. and Ahmadi, M. and Hasanzadeh, V. and Rahimizadeh, A. and Keramati, H. and Moradi, B. and Amanidaz, N. (2018) Probabilistic risk assessment (Monte Carlo simulation method) of Pb and Cd in the onion bulb (Allium cepa) and soil of Iran. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25 (31). pp. 30894-30906.


Hashemi, M. and Sadeghi, A. and Dankob, M. and Aminzare, M. and Raeisi, M. and Heidarian Miri, H. and Saghi, M. (2018) The impact of strain and feed intake on egg toxic trace elements deposition in laying hens and its health risk assessment. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 190 (9).

Heidarinejad, Z. and Kavosi, A. and Mousapour, H. and Daryabor, M.R. and Radfard, M. and Abdolshahi, A. (2018) Data on evaluation of AQI for different season in Kerman, Iran, 2015. Data in Brief, 20. pp. 1917-1923.


Jalili, D. and RadFard, M. and Soleimani, H. and Nabavi, S. and Akbari, H. and Akbari, H. and Kavosi, A. and Abasnia, A. and Adibzadeh, A. (2018) Data on Nitrate–Nitrite pollution in the groundwater resources a Sonqor plain in Iran. Data in Brief, 20. pp. 394-401.


Mehdinejad, M.H. and Bina, B. (2018) Application of moringa oleifera coagulant protein as natural coagulant aid with alum for removal of heavy metals from raw water. Desalination and Water Treatment, 116. pp. 187-194.

Mehdinejad, M.H. and Mengelizadeh, N. and Bay, A. and Pourzamani, H. and Hajizadeh, Y. and Niknam, N. and Moradi, A.H. and Hashemi, M. and Mohammadi, H. (2018) Adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solutions by cellulose and nanofiber cellulose and its electrochemical regeneration. Desalination and Water Treatment, 110. pp. 250-263.


Naghizadeh, A. and Etemadinia, T. and Rezaei, O.M. and Mehrpour, O. and Mousavi, S.J. and Sadeghi, M. (2018) Application of polypyrrole coated on perlite zeolite for removal of nitrate from wood and paper factories wastewater. Desalination and Water Treatment, 124. pp. 177-183.

Najafi Saleh, H. and Kavosi, A. and Pakdel, M. and Yousefi, M. and Baghal Asghari, F. and Mohammadi, A.A. (2018) Assessment health status of ICU medical equipment levels at Neyshabur hospitals using ICNA and ACC indices. MethodsX, 5. pp. 1364-1372.


of Disease Cancer Collaboration, Global Burden and Fitzmaurice, C. and Akinyemiju, T.F. and Al Lami, F.H. and Alam, T. and Alizadeh-Navaei, R. and Allen, C. and Alsharif, U. and Alvis-Guzman, N. and Amini, E. and Anderson, B.O. and Aremu, O. and Artaman, A. and Asgedom, S.W. and Assadi, R. and Atey, T.M. and Avila-Burgos, L. and Awasthi, A. and Ba Saleem, H.O. and Barac, A. and Bennett, J.R. and Bensenor, I.M. and Bhakta, N. and Brenner, H. and Cahuana-Hurtado, L. and Castañeda-Orjuela, C.A. and Catalá-López, F. and Choi, J.-Y.J. and Christopher, D.J. and Chung, S.-C. and Curado, M.P. and Dandona, L. and Dandona, R. and das Neves, J. and Dey, S. and Dharmaratne, S.D. and Doku, D.T. and Driscoll, T.R. and Dubey, M. and Ebrahimi, H. and Edessa, D. and El-Khatib, Z. and Endries, A.Y. and Fischer, F. and Force, L.M. and Foreman, K.J. and Gebrehiwot, S.W. and Gopalani, S.V. and Grosso, G. and Gupta, R. and Gyawali, B. and Hamadeh, R.R. and Hamidi, S. and Harvey, J. and Hassen, H.Y. and Hay, R.J. and Hay, S.I. and Heibati, B. and Hiluf, M.K. and Horita, N. and Hosgood, H.D. and Ilesanmi, O.S. and Innos, K. and Islami, F. and Jakovljevic, M.B. and Johnson, S.C. and Jonas, J.B. and Kasaeian, A. and Kassa, T.D. and Khader, Y.S. and Khan, E.A. and Khan, G. and Khang, Y.-H. and Khosravi, M.H. and Khubchandani, J. and Kopec, J.A. and Kumar, G.A. and Kutz, M. and Lad, D.P. and Lafranconi, A. and Lan, Q. and Legesse, Y. and Leigh, J. and Linn, S. and Lunevicius, R. and Majeed, A. and Malekzadeh, R. and Malta, D.C. and Mantovani, L.G. and McMahon, B.J. and Meier, T. and Melaku, Y.A. and Melku, M. and Memiah, P. and Mendoza, W. and Meretoja, T.J. and Mezgebe, H.B. and Miller, T.R. and Mohammed, S. and Mokdad, A.H. and Moosazadeh, M. and Moraga, P. and Mousavi, S.M. and Nangia, V. and Nguyen, C.T. and Nong, V.M. and Ogbo, F.A. and Olagunju, A.T. and Pa, M. and Park, E.-K. and Patel, T. and Pereira, D.M. and Pishgar, F. and Postma, M.J. and Pourmalek, F. and Qorbani, M. and Rafay, A. and Rawaf, S. and Rawaf, D.L. and Roshandel, G. and Safiri, S. and Salimzadeh, H. and Sanabria, J.R. and Santric Milicevic, M.M. and Sartorius, B. and Satpathy, M. and Sepanlou, S.G. and Shackelford, K.A. and Shaikh, M.A. and Sharif-Alhoseini, M. and She, J. and Shin, M.-J. and Shiue, I. and Shrime, M.G. and Sinke, A.H. and Sisay, M. and Sligar, A. and Sufiyan, M.B. and Sykes, B.L. and Tabarés-Seisdedos, R. and Tessema, G.A. and Topor-Madry, R. and Tran, T.T. and Tran, B.X. and Ukwaja, K.N. and Vlassov, V.V. and Vollset, S.E. and Weiderpass, E. and Williams, H.C. and Yimer, N.B. and Yonemoto, N. and Younis, M.Z. and Murray, C.J.L. and Naghavi, M. (2018) Global, Regional, and National Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Years of Life Lost, Years Lived With Disability, and Disability-Adjusted Life-Years for 29 Cancer Groups, 1990 to 2016: A Systematic Analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study. JAMA oncology, 4 (11). pp. 1553-1568.


Sadeghi, M. and Fadaei, A. and Tadrisi, M. and Bay, A. and Naghizadeh, A. (2018) Performance evaluation of a biological landfill leachate treatment plant and effluent treatment by electrocoagulation. Desalination and Water Treatment, 115. pp. 82-87.

Sofizadeh, A. and Shoraka, H.R. and Mesgarian, F. and Ozbaki, G.M. and Gharaninia, A. and Sahneh, E. and Dankoob, R. and Malaka, A. and Fallah, S. and Nemani, S. (2018) Fauna and larval habitats characteristics of mosquitoes (diptera: Culicidae) in Golestan Province, Northeast of Iran, 2014-2015. Journal of Arthropod-Borne Diseases, 12 (3). pp. 240-251.


Vakilian, K. and Keramat, A. and Abbas, M.S. (2018) The necessity of developing AIDS and reproductive health indicators for Iranian adolescents in the national health system; The evaluation of indicators among 18-24 year old university students of shahroud, Iran: A cross-sectional study. Open Public Health Journal, 11 (1). pp. 339-347.

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