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Gakidou, E. and Afshin, A. and Abajobir, A.A. and Abate, K.H. and Abbafati, C. and Abbas, K.M. and Abd-Allah, F. and Abdulle, A.M. and Abera, S.F. and Aboyans, V. and Abu-Raddad, L.J. and Abu-Rmeileh, N.M.E. and Abyu, G.Y. and Adedeji, I.A. and Adetokunboh, O. and Afarideh, M. and Agrawal, A. and Agrawal, S. and Ahmad Kiadaliri, A. and Ahmadieh, H. and Ahmed, M.B. and Aichour, A.N. and Aichour, I. and Aichour, M.T.E. and Akinyemi, R.O. and Akseer, N. and Alahdab, F. and Al-Aly, Z. and Alam, K. and Alam, N. and Alam, T. and Alasfoor, D. and Alene, K.A. and Ali, K. and Alizadeh-Navaei, R. and Alkerwi, A. and Alla, F. and Allebeck, P. and Al-Raddadi, R. and Alsharif, U. and Altirkawi, K.A. and Alvis-Guzman, N. and Amare, A.T. and Amini, E. and Ammar, W. and Amoako, Y.A. and Ansari, H. and Antó, J.M. and Antonio, C.A.T. and Anwari, P. and Arian, N. and Ärnlöv, J. and Artaman, A. and Aryal, K.K. and Asayesh, H. and Asgedom, S.W. and Atey, T.M. and Avila-Burgos, L. and Avokpaho, E.F.G.A. and Awasthi, A. and Azzopardi, P. and Bacha, U. and Badawi, A. and Balakrishnan, K. and Ballew, S.H. and Barac, A. and Barber, R.M. and Barker-Collo, S.L. and Bärnighausen, T. and Barquera, S. and Barregard, L. and Barrero, L.H. and Batis, C. and Battle, K.E. and Baune, B.T. and Beardsley, J. and Bedi, N. and Beghi, E. and Bell, M.L. and Bennett, D.A. and Bennett, J.R. and Bensenor, I.M. and Berhane, A. and Berhe, D.F. and Bernabé, E. and Betsu, B.D. and Beuran, M. and Beyene, A.S. and Bhansali, A. and Bhutta, Z.A. and Bikbov, B. and Birungi, C. and Biryukov, S. and Blosser, C.D. and Boneya, D.J. and Bou-Orm, I.R. and Brauer, M. and Breitborde, N.J.K. and Brenner, H. and Brugha, T.S. and Bulto, L.N.B. and Baumgarner, B.R. and Butt, Z.A. and Cahuana-Hurtado, L. and Cárdenas, R. and Carrero, J.J. and Castañeda-Orjuela, C.A. and Catalá-López, F. and Cercy, K. and Chang, H.-Y. and Charlson, F.J. and Chimed-Ochir, O. and Chisumpa, V.H. and Chitheer, A.A. and Christensen, H. and Christopher, D.J. and Cirillo, M. and Cohen, A.J. and Comfort, H. and Cooper, C. and Coresh, J. and Cornaby, L. and Cortesi, P.A. and Criqui, M.H. and Crump, J.A. and Dandona, L. and Dandona, R. and Das Neves, J. and Davey, G. and Davitoiu, D.V. and Davletov, K. and De Courten, B. and Degenhardt, L. and Deiparine, S. and Dellavalle, R.P. and Deribe, K. and Deshpande, A. and Dharmaratne, S.D. and Ding, E.L. and Djalalinia, S. and Do, H.P. and Dokova, K. and Doku, D.T. and Dorsey, E.R. and Driscoll, T.R. and Dubey, M. and Duncan, B.B. and Duncan, S. and Ebert, N. and Ebrahimi, H. and El-Khatib, Z.Z. and Enayati, A. and Endries, A.Y. and Ermakov, S.P. and Erskine, H.E. and Eshrati, B. and Eskandarieh, S. and Esteghamati, A. and Estep, K. and Faraon, E.J.A. and Farinha, C.S.E.S. and Faro, A. and Farzadfar, F. and Fay, K. and Feigin, V.L. and Fereshtehnejad, S.-M. and Fernandes, J.C. and Ferrari, A.J. and Feyissa, T.R. and Filip, I. and Fischer, F. and Fitzmaurice, C. and Flaxman, A.D. and Foigt, N. and Foreman, K.J. and Frostad, J.J. and Fullman, N. and Fürst, T. and Furtado, J.M. and Ganji, M. and Garcia-Basteiro, A.L. and Gebrehiwot, T.T. and Geleijnse, J.M. and Geleto, A. and Gemechu, B.L. and Gesesew, H.A. and Gething, P.W. and Ghajar, A. and Gibney, K.B. and Gill, P.S. and Gillum, R.F. and Giref, A.Z. and Gishu, M.D. and Giussani, G. and Godwin, W.W. and Gona, P.N. and Goodridge, A. and Gopalani, S.V. and Goryakin, Y. and Goulart, A.C. and Graetz, N. and Gugnani, H.C. and Guo, J. and Gupta, R. and Gupta, T. and Gupta, V. and Gutiérrez, R.A. and Hachinski, V. and Hafezi-Nejad, N. and Hailu, G.B. and Hamadeh, R.R. and Hamidi, S. and Hammami, M. and Handal, A.J. and Hankey, G.J. and Harb, H.L. and Hareri, H.A. and Hassanvand, M.S. and Havmoeller, R. and Hawley, C. and Hay, S.I. and Hedayati, M.T. and Hendrie, D. and Heredia-Pi, I.B. and Hoek, H.W. and Horita, N. and Hosgood, H.D. and Hostiuc, S. and Hoy, D.G. and Hsairi, M. and Hu, G. and Huang, H. and Huang, J.J. and Iburg, K.M. and Ikeda, C. and Inoue, M. and Irvine, C.M.S. and Jackson, M.D. and Jacobsen, K.H. and Jahanmehr, N. and Jakovljevic, M.B. and Jauregui, A. and Javanbakht, M. and Jeemon, P. and Johansson, L.R.K. and Johnson, C.O. and Jonas, J.B. and Jürisson, M. and Kabir, Z. and Kadel, R. and Kahsay, A. and Kamal, R. and Karch, A. and Karema, C.K. and Kasaeian, A. and Kassebaum, N.J. and Kastor, A. and Katikireddi, S.V. and Kawakami, N. and Keiyoro, P.N. and Kelbore, S.G. and Kemmer, L. and Kengne, A.P. and Kesavachandran, C.N. and Khader, Y.S. and Khalil, I.A. and Khan, E.A. and Khang, Y.-H. and Khosravi, A. and Khubchandani, J. and Kieling, C. and Kim, D. and Kim, J.Y. and Kim, Y.J. and Kimokoti, R.W. and Kinfu, Y. and Kisa, A. and Kissimova-Skarbek, K.A. and Kivimaki, M. and Knibbs, L.D. and Knudsen, A.K. and Kopec, J.A. and Kosen, S. and Koul, P.A. and Koyanagi, A. and Kravchenko, M. and Krohn, K.J. and Kromhout, H. and Kuate Defo, B. and Kucuk Bicer, B. and Kumar, G.A. and Kutz, M. and Kyu, H.H. and Lal, D.K. and Lalloo, R. and Lallukka, T. and Lan, Q. and Lansingh, V.C. and Larsson, A. and Lee, A. and Lee, P.H. and Leigh, J. and Leung, J. and Levi, M. and Li, Y. and Li, Y. and Liang, X. and Liben, M.L. and Linn, S. and Liu, P. and Lodha, R. and Logroscino, G. and Looker, K.J. and Lopez, A.D. and Lorkowski, S. and Lotufo, P.A. and Lozano, R. and Lunevicius, R. and Macarayan, E.R.K. and Magdy Abd El Razek, H. and Magdy Abd El Razek, M. and Majdan, M. and Majdzadeh, R. and Majeed, A. and Malekzadeh, R. and Malhotra, R. and Malta, D.C. and Mamun, A.A. and Manguerra, H. and Mantovani, L.G. and Mapoma, C.C. and Martin, R.V. and Martinez-Raga, J. and Martins-Melo, F.R. and Mathur, M.R. and Matsushita, K. and Matzopoulos, R. and Mazidi, M. and McAlinden, C. and McGrath, J.J. and Mehata, S. and Mehndiratta, M.M. and Meier, T. and Melaku, Y.A. and Memiah, P. and Memish, Z.A. and Mendoza, W. and Mengesha, M.M. and Mensah, G.A. and Mensink, G.B.M. and Mereta, S.T. and Meretoja, A. and Meretoja, T.J. and Mezgebe, H.B. and Micha, R. and Millear, A. and Miller, T.R. and Minnig, S. and Mirarefin, M. and Mirrakhimov, E.M. and Misganaw, A. and Mishra, S.R. and Mohammad, K.A. and Mohammed, K.E. and Mohammed, S. and Mohamed Ibrahim, N. and Mohan, M.B.V. and Mokdad, A.H. and Monasta, L. and Montañez Hernandez, J.C. and Montico, M. and Moradi-Lakeh, M. and Moraga, P. and Morawska, L. and Morrison, S.D. and Mountjoy-Venning, C. and Mueller, U.O. and Mullany, E.C. and Muller, K. and Murthy, G.V.S. and Musa, K.I. and Naghavi, M. and Naheed, A. and Nangia, V. and Natarajan, G. and Negoi, I. and Negoi, R.I. and Nguyen, C.T. and Nguyen, G. and Nguyen, M. and Nguyen, Q.L. and Nguyen, T.H. and Nichols, E. and Ningrum, D.N.A. and Nomura, M. and Nong, V.M. and Norheim, O.F. and Norrving, B. and Noubiap, J.J.N. and Obermeyer, C.M. and Ogbo, F.A. and Oh, I.-H. and Oladimeji, O. and Olagunju, A.T. and Olagunju, T.O. and Olivares, P.R. and Olsen, H.E. and Olusanya, B.O. and Olusanya, J.O. and Opio, J.N. and Oren, E. and Ortiz, A. and Ota, E. and Owolabi, M.O. and Pa, M. and Pacella, R.E. and Pana, A. and Panda, B.K. and Panda-Jonas, S. and Pandian, J.D. and Papachristou, C. and Park, E.-K. and Parry, C.D. and Patten, S.B. and Patton, G.C. and Pereira, D.M. and Perico, N. and Pesudovs, K. and Petzold, M. and Phillips, M.R. and Pillay, J.D. and Piradov, M.A. and Pishgar, F. and Plass, D. and Pletcher, M.A. and Polinder, S. and Popova, S. and Poulton, R.G. and Pourmalek, F. and Prasad, N. and Purcell, C. and Qorbani, M. and Radfar, A. and Rafay, A. and Rahimi-Movaghar, A. and Rahimi-Movaghar, V. and Rahman, M. and Rahman, M.H.U. and Rahman, M.A. and Rai, R.K. and Rajsic, S. and Ram, U. and Rawaf, S. and Rehm, C.D. and Rehm, J. and Reiner, R.C. and Reitsma, M.B. and Reynales-Shigematsu, L.M. and Remuzzi, G. and Renzaho, A.M.N. and Resnikoff, S. and Rezaei, S. and Ribeiro, A.L. and Rivera, J.A. and Roba, K.T. and Rojas-Rueda, D. and Roman, Y. and Room, R. and Roshandel, G. and Roth, G.A. and Rothenbacher, D. and Rubagotti, E. and Rushton, L. and Sadat, N. and Safdarian, M. and Safi, S. and Safiri, S. and Sahathevan, R. and Salama, J. and Salomon, J.A. and Samy, A.M. and Sanabria, J.R. and Sanchez-Niño, M.D. and Sánchez-Pimienta, T.G. and Santomauro, D. and Santos, I.S. and Santric Milicevic, M.M. and Sartorius, B. and Satpathy, M. and Sawhney, M. and Saxena, S. and Schaeffner, E. and Schmidt, M.I. and Schneider, I.J.C. and Schutte, A.E. and Schwebel, D.C. and Schwendicke, F. and Seedat, S. and Sepanlou, S.G. and Serdar, B. and Servan-Mori, E.E. and Shaddick, G. and Shaheen, A. and Shahraz, S. and Shaikh, M.A. and Shamah Levy, T. and Shamsipour, M. and Shamsizadeh, M. and Shariful Islam, S.M. and Sharma, J. and Sharma, R. and She, J. and Shen, J. and Shi, P. and Shibuya, K. and Shields, C. and Shiferaw, M.S. and Shigematsu, M. and Shin, M.-J. and Shiri, R. and Shirkoohi, R. and Shishani, K. and Shoman, H. and Shrime, M.G. and Sigfusdottir, I.D. and Silva, D.A.S. and Silva, J.P. and Silveira, D.G.A. and Singh, J.A. and Singh, V. and Sinha, D.N. and Skiadaresi, E. and Slepak, E.L. and Smith, D.L. and Smith, M. and Sobaih, B.H.A. and Sobngwi, E. and Soneji, S. and Sorensen, R.J.D. and Sposato, L.A. and Sreeramareddy, C.T. and Srinivasan, V. and Steel, N. and Stein, D.J. and Steiner, C. and Steinke, S. and Stokes, M.A. and Strub, B. and Subart, M. and Sufiyan, M.B. and Suliankatchi, R.A. and Sur, P.J. and Swaminathan, S. and Sykes, B.L. and Szoeke, C.E.I. and Tabarés-Seisdedos, R. and Tadakamadla, S.K. and Takahashi, K. and Takala, J.S. and Tandon, N. and Tanner, M. and Tarekegn, Y.L. and Tavakkoli, M. and Tegegne, T.K. and Tehrani-Banihashemi, A. and Terkawi, A.S. and Tesssema, B. and Thakur, J.S. and Thamsuwan, O. and Thankappan, K.R. and Theis, A.M. and Thomas, M.L. and Thomson, A.J. and Thrift, A.G. and Tillmann, T. and Tobe-Gai, R. and Tobollik, M. and Tollanes, M.C. and Tonelli, M. and Topor-Madry, R. and Torre, A. and Tortajada, M. and Touvier, M. and Tran, B.X. and Truelsen, T. and Tuem, K.B. and Tuzcu, E.M. and Tyrovolas, S. and Ukwaja, K.N. and Uneke, C.J. and Updike, R. and Uthman, O.A. and Van Boven, J.F.M. and Van Donkelaar, A. and Varughese, S. and Vasankari, T. and Veerman, L.J. and Venkateswaran, V. and Venketasubramanian, N. and Violante, F.S. and Vladimirov, S.K. and Vlassov, V.V. and Vollset, S.E. and Vos, T. and Wadilo, F. and Wakayo, T. and Wallin, M.T. and Wang, Y.-P. and Weichenthal, S. and Weiderpass, E. and Weintraub, R.G. and Weiss, D.J. and Werdecker, A. and Westerman, R. and Whiteford, H.A. and Wiysonge, C.S. and Woldeyes, B.G. and Wolfe, C.D.A. and Woodbrook, R. and Workicho, A. and Wulf Hanson, S. and Xavier, D. and Xu, G. and Yadgir, S. and Yakob, B. and Yan, L.L. and Yaseri, M. and Yimam, H.H. and Yip, P. and Yonemoto, N. and Yoon, S.-J. and Yotebieng, M. and Younis, M.Z. and Zaidi, Z. and El Sayed Zaki, M. and Zavala-Arciniega, L. and Zhang, X. and Zimsen, S.R.M. and Zipkin, B. and Zodpey, S. and Lim, S.S. and Murray, C.J.L. (2017) Global, regional, and national comparative risk assessment of 84 behavioural, environmental and occupational, and metabolic risks or clusters of risks, 1990-2016: A systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016. The Lancet, 390 (10100). pp. 1345-1422.

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