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Fitzmauric, C. and Fitzmaurice, C. and Abate, D. and Abbasi, N. and Abbastabar, H. and Abd-Allah, F. and Abdel-Rahman, O. and Abdelalim, A. and Abdoli, A. and Abdollahpour, I. and Abdulle, A.S.M. and Abebe, N.D. and Abraha, H.N. and Abu-Raddad, L.J. and Abualhasan, A. and Adedeji, I.A. and Advani, S.M. and Afarideh, M. and Afshari, M. and Aghaali, M. and Agius, D. and Agrawal, S. and Ahmadi, A. and Ahmadian, E. and Ahmadpour, E. and Ahmed, M.B. and Akbari, M.E. and Akinyemiju, T. and Al-Aly, Z. and Alabdulkader, A.M. and Alahdab, F. and Alam, T. and Alamene, G.M. and Alemnew, B.T.T. and Alene, K.A. and Alinia, C. and Alipour, V. and Aljunid, S.M. and Bakeshei, F.A. and Almadi, M.A.H. and Almasi-Hashiani, A. and Alsharif, U. and Alsowaidi, S. and Alvis-Guzman, N. and Amini, E. and Amini, S. and Amoako, Y.A. and Anbari, Z. and Anber, N.H. and Andrei, C.L. and Anjomshoa, M. and Ansari, F. and Ansariadi, A. and Appiah, S.C.Y. and Arab-Zozani, M. and Arabloo, J. and Arefi, Z. and Aremu, O. and Areri, H.A. and Artaman, A. and Asayesh, H. and Asfaw, E.T. and Ashagre, A.F. and Assadi, R. and Ataeinia, B. and Atalay, H.T. and Ataro, Z. and Atique, S. and Ausloos, M. and Avila-Burgos, L. and Avokpaho, E.F.G.A. and Awasthi, A. and Awoke, N. and Ayala Quintanilla, B.P. and Ayanore, M.A. and Ayele, H.T. and Babaee, E. and Bacha, U. and Badawi, A. and Bagherzadeh, M. and Bagli, E. and Balakrishnan, S. and Balouchi, A. and Bärnighausen, T.W. and Battista, R.J. and Behzadifar, M. and Behzadifar, M. and Bekele, B.B. and Belay, Y.B. and Belayneh, Y.M. and Berfield, K.K.S. and Berhane, A. and Bernabe, E. and Beuran, M. and Bhakta, N. and Bhattacharyya, K. and Biadgo, B. and Bijani, A. and Bin Sayeed, M.S. and Birungi, C. and Bisignano, C. and Bitew, H. and Bjørge, T. and Bleyer, A. and Bogale, K.A. and Bojia, H.A. and Borzì, A.M. and Bosetti, C. and Bou-Orm, I.R. and Brenner, H. and Brewer, J.D. and Briko, A.N. and Briko, N.I. and Bustamante-Teixeira, M.T. and Butt, Z.A. and Carreras, G. and Carrero, J.J. and Carvalho, F. and Castro, C. and Castro, F. and Catalá-López, F. and Cerin, E. and Chaiah, Y. and Chanie, W.F. and Chattu, V.K. and Chaturvedi, P. and Chauhan, N.S. and Chehrazi, M. and Chiang, P.P.-C. and Chichiabellu, T.Y. and Chido-Amajuoyi, O.G. and Chimed-Ochir, O. and Choi, J.-Y.J. and Christopher, D.J. and Chu, D.-T. and Constantin, M.-M. and Costa, V.M. and Crocetti, E. and Crowe, C.S. and Curado, M.P. and Dahlawi, S.M.A. and Damiani, G. and Darwish, A.H. and Daryani, A. and Das Neves, J. and Demeke, F.M. and Demis, A.B. and Demissie, B.W. and Demoz, G.T. and Denova-Gutiérrez, E. and Derakhshani, A. and Deribe, K.S. and Desai, R. and Desalegn, B.B. and Desta, M. and Dey, S. and Dharmaratne, S.D. and Dhimal, M. and Diaz, D. and Dinberu, M.T.T. and Djalalinia, S. and Doku, D.T. and Drake, T.M. and Dubey, M. and Dubljanin, E. and Duken, E.E. and Ebrahimi, H. and Effiong, A. and Eftekhari, A. and El Sayed, I. and Zaki, M.E.S. and El-Jaafary, S.I. and El-Khatib, Z. and Elemineh, D.A. and Elkout, H. and Ellenbogen, R.G. and Elsharkawy, A. and Emamian, M.H. and Endalew, D.A. and Endries, A.Y. and Eshrati, B. and Fadhil, I. and Fallah, V. and Faramarzi, M. and Farhangi, M.A. and Farioli, A. and Farzadfar, F. and Fentahun, N. and Fernandes, E. and Feyissa, G.T. and Filip, I. and Fischer, F. and Fisher, J.L. and Force, L.M. and Foroutan, M. and Freitas, M. and Fukumoto, T. and Futran, N.D. and Gallus, S. and Gankpe, F.G. and Gayesa, R.T. and Gebrehiwot, T.T. and Gebremeskel, G.G. and Gedefaw, G.A. and Gelaw, B.K. and Geta, B. and Getachew, S. and Gezae, K.E. and Ghafourifard, M. and Ghajar, A. and Ghashghaee, A. and Gholamian, A. and Gill, P.S. and Ginindza, T.T.G. and Girmay, A. and Gizaw, M. and Gomez, R.S. and Gopalani, S.V. and Gorini, G. and Goulart, B.N.G. and Grada, A. and Ribeiro Guerra, M. and Guimaraes, A.L.S. and Gupta, P.C. and Gupta, R. and Hadkhale, K. and Haj-Mirzaian, A. and Haj-Mirzaian, A. and Hamadeh, R.R. and Hamidi, S. and Hanfore, L.K. and Haro, J.M. and Hasankhani, M. and Hasanzadeh, A. and Hassen, H.Y. and Hay, R.J. and Hay, S.I. and Henok, A. and Henry, N.J. and Herteliu, C. and Hidru, H.D. and Hoang, C.L. and Hole, M.K. and Hoogar, P. and Horita, N. and Hosgood, H.D. and Hosseini, M. and Hosseinzadeh, M. and Hostiuc, M. and Hostiuc, S. and Househ, M. and Hussen, M.M. and Ileanu, B. and Ilic, M.D. and Innos, K. and Irvani, S.S.N. and Iseh, K.R. and Islam, S.M.S. and Islami, F. and Jafari Balalami, N. and Jafarinia, M. and Jahangiry, L. and Jahani, M.A. and Jahanmehr, N. and Jakovljevic, M. and James, S.L. and Javanbakht, M. and Jayaraman, S. and Jee, S.H. and Jenabi, E. and Jha, R.P. and Jonas, J.B. and Jonnagaddala, J. and Joo, T. and Jungari, S.B. and Jürisson, M. and Kabir, A. and Kamangar, F. and Karch, A. and Karimi, N. and Karimian, A. and Kasaeian, A. and Kasahun, G.G. and Kassa, B. and Kassa, T.D. and Kassaw, M.W. and Kaul, A. and Keiyoro, P.N. and Kelbore, A.G. and Kerbo, A.A. and Khader, Y.S. and Khalilarjmandi, M. and Khan, E.A. and Khan, G. and Khang, Y.-H. and Khatab, K. and Khater, A. and Khayamzadeh, M. and Khazaee-Pool, M. and Khazaei, S. and Khoja, A.T. and Khosravi, M.H. and Khubchandani, J. and Kianipour, N. and Kim, D. and Kim, Y.J. and Kisa, A. and Kisa, S. and Kissimova-Skarbek, K. and Komaki, H. and Koyanagi, A. and Krohn, K.J. and Bicer, B.K. and Kugbey, N. and Kumar, V. and Kuupiel, D. and La Vecchia, C. and Lad, D.P. and Lake, E.A. and Lakew, A.M. and Lal, D.K. and Lami, F.H. and Lan, Q. and Lasrado, S. and Lauriola, P. and Lazarus, J.V. and Leigh, J. and Leshargie, C.T. and Liao, Y. and Limenih, M.A. and Listl, S. and Lopez, A.D. and Lopukhov, P.D. and Lunevicius, R. and Madadin, M. and Magdeldin, S. and El Razek, H.M.A. and Majeed, A. and Maleki, A. and Malekzadeh, R. and Manafi, A. and Manafi, N. and Manamo, W.A. and Mansourian, M. and Mansournia, M.A. and Mantovani, L.G. and Maroufizadeh, S. and Martini, S.M.S. and Mashamba-Thompson, T.P. and Massenburg, B.B. and Maswabi, M.T. and Mathur, M.R. and McAlinden, C. and McKee, M. and Meheretu, H.A.A. and Mehrotra, R. and Mehta, V. and Meier, T. and Melaku, Y.A. and Meles, G.G. and Meles, H.G. and Melese, A. and Melku, M. and Memiah, P.T.N. and Mendoza, W. and Menezes, R.G. and Merat, S. and Meretoja, T.J. and Mestrovic, T. and Miazgowski, B. and Miazgowski, T. and Mihretie, K.M.M. and Miller, T.R. and Mills, E.J. and Mir, S.M. and Mirzaei, H. and Mirzaei, H.R. and Mishra, R. and Moazen, B. and Mohammad, D.K. and Mohammad, K.A. and Mohammad, Y. and Darwesh, A.M. and Mohammadbeigi, A. and Mohammadi, H. and Mohammadi, M. and Mohammadian, M. and Mohammadian-Hafshejani, A. and Mohammadoo-Khorasani, M. and Mohammadpourhodki, R. and Mohammed, A.S. and Mohammed, J.A. and Mohammed, S. and Mohebi, F. and Mokdad, A.H. and Monasta, L. and Moodley, Y. and Moosazadeh, M. and Moossavi, M. and Moradi, G. and Moradi-Joo, M. and Moradi-Lakeh, M. and Moradpour, F. and Morawska, L. and Morgado-Da-Costa, J. and Morisaki, N. and Morrison, S.D. and Mosapour, A. and Mousavi, S.M. and Muche, A.A. and Muhammed, O.S.S. and Musa, J. and Nabhan, A.R. and Naderi, M. and Nagarajan, A.J. and Nagel, G. and Nahvijou, A. and Naik, G. and Najafi, F. and Naldi, L. and Nam, H.S. and Nasiri, N. and Nazari, J. and Negoi, I. and Neupane, S. and Newcomb, P.A. and Nggada, H.A. and Ngunjiri, J.W. and Nguyen, C.T. and Nikniaz, L. and Ningrum, D.N.A. and Nirayo, Y.L. and Nixon, M.R. and Nnaji, C.A. and Nojomi, M. and Nosratnejad, S. and Shiadeh, M.N. and Obsa, M.S. and Ofori-Asenso, R. and Ogbo, F.A. and Oh, I.-H. and Olagunju, A.T. and Olagunju, T.O. and Oluwasanu, M.M. and Omonisi, A.E. and Onwujekwe, O.E. and Oommen, A.M. and Oren, E. and Ortega-Altamirano, D.D.V. and Ota, E. and Otstavnov, S.S. and Owolabi, M.O. and Mahesh, P.A. and Padubidri, J.R. and Pakhale, S. and Pakpour, A.H. and Pana, A. and Park, E.-K. and Parsian, H. and Pashaei, T. and Patel, S. and Patil, S.T. and Pennini, A. and Pereira, D.M. and Piccinelli, C. and Pillay, J.D. and Pirestani, M. and Pishgar, F. and Postma, M.J. and Pourjafar, H. and Pourmalek, F. and Pourshams, A. and Prakash, S. and Prasad, N. and Qorbani, M. and Rabiee, M. and Rabiee, N. and Radfar, A. and Rafiei, A. and Rahim, F. and Rahimi, M. and Rahman, M.A. and Rajati, F. and Rana, S.M. and Raoofi, S. and Rath, G.K. and Rawaf, D.L. and Rawaf, S. and Reiner, R.C. and Renzaho, A.M.N. and Rezaei, N. and Rezapour, A. and Ribeiro, A.I. and Ribeiro, D. and Ronfani, L. and Roro, E.M. and Roshandel, G. and Rostami, A. and Saad, R.S. and Sabbagh, P. and Sabour, S. and Saddik, B. and Safiri, S. and Sahebkar, A. and Salahshoor, M.R. and Salehi, F. and Salem, H. and Salem, M.R. and Salimzadeh, H. and Salomon, J.A. and Samy, A.M. and Sanabria, J. and Santric Milicevic, M.M. and Sartorius, B. and Sarveazad, A. and Sathian, B. and Satpathy, M. and Savic, M. and Sawhney, M. and Sayyah, M. and Schneider, I.J.C. and Schöttker, B. and Sekerija, M. and Sepanlou, S.G. and Sepehrimanesh, M. and Seyedmousavi, S. and Shaahmadi, F. and Shabaninejad, H. and Shahbaz, M. and Shaikh, M.A. and Shamshirian, A. and Shamsizadeh, M. and Sharafi, H. and Sharafi, Z. and Sharif, M. and Sharifi, A. and Sharifi, H. and Sharma, R. and Sheikh, A. and Shirkoohi, R. and Shukla, S.R. and Si, S. and Siabani, S. and Silva, D.A.S. and Silveira, D.G.A. and Singh, A. and Singh, J.A. and Sisay, S. and Sitas, F. and Sobngwi, E. and Soofi, M. and Soriano, J.B. and Stathopoulou, V. and Sufiyan, M.B. and Tabarés-Seisdedos, R. and Tabuchi, T. and Takahashi, K. and Tamtaji, O.R. and Tarawneh, M.R. and Tassew, S.G. and Taymoori, P. and Tehrani-Banihashemi, A. and Temsah, M.-H. and Temsah, O. and Tesfay, B.E. and Tesfay, F.H. and Teshale, M.Y. and Tessema, G.A. and Thapa, S. and Tlaye, K.G. and Topor-Madry, R. and Tovani-Palone, M.R. and Traini, E. and Tran, B.X. and Tran, K.B. and Tsadik, A.G. and Ullah, I. and Uthman, O.A. and Vacante, M. and Vaezi, M. and Varona Pérez, P. and Veisani, Y. and Vidale, S. and Violante, F.S. and Vlassov, V. and Vollset, S.E. and Vos, T. and Vosoughi, K. and Vu, G.T. and Vujcic, I.S. and Wabinga, H. and Wachamo, T.M. and Wagnew, F.S. and Waheed, Y. and Weldegebreal, F. and Weldesamuel, G.T. and Wijeratne, T. and Wondafrash, D.Z. and Wonde, T.E. and Wondmieneh, A.B. and Workie, H.M. and Yadav, R. and Yadegar, A. and Yadollahpour, A. and Yaseri, M. and Yazdi-Feyzabadi, V. and Yeshaneh, A. and Yimam, M.A. and Yimer, E.M. and Yisma, E. and Yonemoto, N. and Younis, M.Z. and Yousefi, B. and Yousefifard, M. and Yu, C. and Zabeh, E. and Zadnik, V. and Moghadam, T.Z. and Zaidi, Z. and Zamani, M. and Zandian, H. and Zangeneh, A. and Zaki, L. and Zendehdel, K. and Zenebe, Z.M. and Zewale, T.A. and Ziapour, A. and Zodpey, S. and Murray, C.J.L. and of Disease Cancer Collaboration, Global Burden (2019) Global, Regional, and National Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Years of Life Lost, Years Lived with Disability, and Disability-Adjusted Life-Years for 29 Cancer Groups, 1990 to 2017: A Systematic Analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study. JAMA Oncology.

Fullman, N. and Yearwood, J. and Abay, S.M. and Abbafati, C. and Abd-Allah, F. and Abdela, J. and Abdelalim, A. and Abebe, Z. and Abebo, T.A. and Aboyans, V. and Abraha, H.N. and Abreu, D.M.X. and Abu-Raddad, L.J. and Adane, A.A. and Adedoyin, R.A. and Adetokunboh, O. and Adhikari, T.B. and Afarideh, M. and Afshin, A. and Agarwal, G. and Agius, D. and Agrawal, A. and Agrawal, S. and Ahmad Kiadaliri, A. and Aichour, M.T.E. and Akibu, M. and Akinyemi, R.O. and Akinyemiju, T.F. and Akseer, N. and Al Lami, F.H. and Alahdab, F. and Al-Aly, Z. and Alam, K. and Alam, T. and Alasfoor, D. and Albittar, M.I. and Alene, K.A. and Al-Eyadhy, A. and Ali, S.D. and Alijanzadeh, M. and Aljunid, S.M. and Alkerwi, A. and Alla, F. and Allebeck, P. and Allen, C. and Alomari, M.A. and Al-Raddadi, R. and Alsharif, U. and Altirkawi, K.A. and Alvis-Guzman, N. and Amare, A.T. and Amenu, K. and Ammar, W. and Amoako, Y.A. and Anber, N. and Andrei, C.L. and Androudi, S. and Antonio, C.A.T. and Araújo, V.E.M. and Aremu, O. and Ärnlöv, J. and Artaman, A. and Aryal, K.K. and Asayesh, H. and Asfaw, E.T. and Asgedom, S.W. and Asghar, R.J. and Ashebir, M.M. and Asseffa, N.A. and Atey, T.M. and Atre, S.R. and Atteraya, M.S. and Avila-Burgos, L. and Avokpaho, E.F.G.A. and Awasthi, A. and Ayala Quintanilla, B.P. and Ayalew, A.A. and Ayele, H.T. and Ayer, R. and Ayuk, T.B. and Azzopardi, P. and Azzopardi-Muscat, N. and Babalola, T.K. and Badali, H. and Badawi, A. and Banach, M. and Banerjee, A. and Banstola, A. and Barber, R.M. and Barboza, M.A. and Barker-Collo, S.L. and Bärnighausen, T. and Barquera, S. and Barrero, L.H. and Bassat, Q. and Basu, S. and Baune, B.T. and Bazargan-Hejazi, S. and Bedi, N. and Beghi, E. and Behzadifar, M. and Behzadifar, M. and Bekele, B.B. and Belachew, A.B. and Belay, S.A. and Belay, Y.A. and Bell, M.L. and Bello, A.K. and Bennett, D.A. and Bennett, J.R. and Bensenor, I.M. and Berhe, D.F. and Bernabé, E. and Bernstein, R.S. and Beuran, M. and Bhalla, A. and Bhatt, P. and Bhaumik, S. and Bhutta, Z.A. and Biadgo, B. and Bijani, A. and Bikbov, B. and Birungi, C. and Biryukov, S. and Bizuneh, H. and Bolliger, I.W. and Bolt, K. and Bou-Orm, I.R. and Bozorgmehr, K. and Brady, O.J. and Brazinova, A. and Breitborde, N.J.K. and Brenner, H. and Britton, G. and Brugha, T.S. and Butt, Z.A. and Cahuana-Hurtado, L. and Campos-Nonato, I.R. and Campuzano, J.C. and Car, J. and Car, M. and Cárdenas, R. and Carrero, J.J. and Carvalho, F. and Castañeda-Orjuela, C.A. and Castillo Rivas, J. and Catalá-López, F. and Cercy, K. and Chalek, J. and Chang, H.-Y. and Chang, J.-C. and Chattopadhyay, A. and Chaturvedi, P. and Chiang, P.P.-C. and Chisumpa, V.H. and Choi, J.-Y.J. and Christensen, H. and Christopher, D.J. and Chung, S.-C. and Ciobanu, L.G. and Cirillo, M. and Colombara, D. and Conti, S. and Cooper, C. and Cornaby, L. and Cortesi, P.A. and Cortinovis, M. and Costa Pereira, A. and Cousin, E. and Criqui, M.H. and Cromwell, E.A. and Crowe, C.S. and Crump, J.A. and Daba, A.K. and Dachew, B.A. and Dadi, A.F. and Dandona, L. and Dandona, R. and Dargan, P.I. and Daryani, A. and Daryani, M. and Das, J. and Das, S.K. and Das Neves, J. and Davis Weaver, N. and Davletov, K. and De Courten, B. and De Leo, D. and De Neve, J.-W. and Dellavalle, R.P. and Demoz, G. and Deribe, K. and Des Jarlais, D.C. and Dey, S. and Dharmaratne, S.D. and Dhimal, M. and Djalalinia, S. and Doku, D.T. and Dolan, K. and Dorsey, E.R. and Dos Santos, K.P.B. and Doyle, K.E. and Driscoll, T.R. and Dubey, M. and Dubljanin, E. and Duncan, B.B. and Echko, M. and Edessa, D. and Edvardsson, D. and Ehrlich, J.R. and Eldrenkamp, E. and El-Khatib, Z. and Endres, M. and Endries, A.Y. and Eshrati, B. and Eskandarieh, S. and Esteghamati, A. and Fakhar, M. and Farag, T. and Faramarzi, M. and Faraon, E.J.A. and Faro, A. and Farzadfar, F. and Fatusi, A. and Fazeli, M.S. and Feigin, V.L. and Feigl, A.B. and Fentahun, N. and Fereshtehnejad, S.-M. and Fernandes, E. and Fernandes, J.C. and Fijabi, D.O. and Filip, I. and Fischer, F. and Fitzmaurice, C. and Flaxman, A.D. and Flor, L.S. and Foigt, N. and Foreman, K.J. and Frostad, J.J. and Fürst, T. and Futran, N.D. and Gakidou, E. and Gallus, S. and Gambashidze, K. and Gamkrelidze, A. and Ganji, M. and Gebre, A.K. and Gebrehiwot, T.T. and Gebremedhin, A.T. and Gelaw, Y.A. and Geleijnse, J.M. and Geremew, D. and Gething, P.W. and Ghadimi, R. and Ghasemi Falavarjani, K. and Ghasemi-Kasman, M. and Gill, P.S. and Giref, A.Z. and Giroud, M. and Gishu, M.D. and Giussani, G. and Godwin, W.W. and Goli, S. and Gomez-Dantes, H. and Gona, P.N. and Goodridge, A. and Gopalani, S.V. and Goryakin, Y. and Goulart, A.C. and Grada, A. and Griswold, M. and Grosso, G. and Gugnani, H.C. and Guo, Y. and Gupta, R. and Gupta, R. and Gupta, T. and Gupta, T. and Gupta, V. and Haagsma, J.A. and Hachinski, V. and Hafezi-Nejad, N. and Hailu, G.B. and Hamadeh, R.R. and Hamidi, S. and Hankey, G.J. and Harb, H.L. and Harewood, H.C. and Harikrishnan, S. and Haro, J.M. and Hassen, H.Y. and Havmoeller, R. and Hawley, C. and Hay, S.I. and He, J. and Hearps, S.J.C. and Hegazy, M.I. and Heibati, B. and Heidari, M. and Hendrie, D. and Henry, N.J. and Herrera Ballesteros, V.H. and Herteliu, C. and Hibstu, D.T. and Hiluf, M.K. and Hoek, H.W. and Homaie Rad, E. and Horita, N. and Hosgood, H.D. and Hosseini, M. and Hosseini, S.R. and Hostiuc, M. and Hostiuc, S. and Hoy, D.G. and Hsairi, M. and Htet, A.S. and Hu, G. and Huang, J.J. and Iburg, K.M. and Idris, F. and Igumbor, E.U. and Ikeda, C. and Ileanu, B.V. and Ilesanmi, O.S. and Innos, K. and Irvani, S.S.N. and Irvine, C.M.S. and Islami, F. and Jacobs, T.A. and Jacobsen, K.H. and Jahanmehr, N. and Jain, R. and Jain, S.K. and Jakovljevic, M.M. and Jalu, M.T. and Jamal, A.A. and Javanbakht, M. and Jayatilleke, A.U. and Jeemon, P. and Jha, R.P. and Jha, V. and Józwiak, J. and John, O. and Johnson, S.C. and Jonas, J.B. and Joshua, V. and Jürisson, M. and Kabir, Z. and Kadel, R. and Kahsay, A. and Kalani, R. and Kar, C. and Karanikolos, M. and Karch, A. and Karema, C.K. and Karimi, S.M. and Kasaeian, A. and Kassa, D.H. and Kassa, G.M. and Kassa, T.D. and Kassebaum, N.J. and Katikireddi, S.V. and Kaul, A. and Kawakami, N. and Kazanjan, K. and Kebede, S. and Keiyoro, P.N. and Kemp, G.R. and Kengne, A.P. and Kereselidze, M. and Ketema, E.B. and Khader, Y.S. and Khafaie, M.A. and Khajavi, A. and Khalil, I.A. and Khan, E.A. and Khan, G. and Khan, M.N. and Khan, M.A. and Khanal, M.N. and Khang, Y.-H. and Khater, M.M. and Khoja, A.T.A. and Khosravi, A. and Khubchandani, J. and Kibret, G.D. and Kiirithio, D.N. and Kim, D. and Kim, Y.J. and Kimokoti, R.W. and Kinfu, Y. and Kinra, S. and Kisa, A. and Kissoon, N. and Kochhar, S. and Kokubo, Y. and Kopec, J.A. and Kosen, S. and Koul, P.A. and Koyanagi, A. and Kravchenko, M. and Krishan, K. and Krohn, K.J. and Kuate Defo, B. and Kumar, G.A. and Kumar, P. and Kutz, M. and Kuzin, I. and Kyu, H.H. and Lad, D.P. and Lafranconi, A. and Lal, D.K. and Lalloo, R. and Lam, H. and Lan, Q. and Lang, J.J. and Lansingh, V.C. and Lansky, S. and Larsson, A. and Latifi, A. and Lazarus, J.V. and Leasher, J.L. and Lee, P.H. and Legesse, Y. and Leigh, J. and Leshargie, C.T. and Leta, S. and Leung, J. and Leung, R. and Levi, M. and Li, Y. and Liang, J. and Liben, M.L. and Lim, L.-L. and Lim, S.S. and Lind, M. and Linn, S. and Listl, S. and Liu, P.Y. and Liu, S. and Lodha, R. and Lopez, A.D. and Lorch, S.A. and Lorkowski, S. and Lotufo, P.A. and Lucas, T.C.D. and Lunevicius, R. and Lurton, G. and Lyons, R.A. and Maalouf, F. and Macarayan, E.R.K. and Mackay, M.T. and Maddison, E.R. and Madotto, F. and Magdy Abd El Razek, H. and Magdy Abd El Razek, M. and Majdan, M. and Majdzadeh, R. and Majeed, A. and Malekzadeh, R. and Malhotra, R. and Malta, D.C. and Mamun, A.A. and Manguerra, H. and Manhertz, T. and Mansournia, M.A. and Mantovani, L.G. and Manyazewal, T. and Mapoma, C.C. and Margono, C. and Martinez-Raga, J. and Martins, S.C.O. and Martins-Melo, F.R. and Martopullo, I. and März, W. and Massenburg, B.B. and Mathur, M.R. and Maulik, P.K. and Mazidi, M. and McAlinden, C. and McGrath, J.J. and McKee, M. and Mehata, S. and Mehrotra, R. and Mehta, K.M. and Mehta, V. and Meier, T. and Mejia-Rodriguez, F. and Meles, K.G. and Melku, M. and Memiah, P. and Memish, Z.A. and Mendoza, W. and Mengiste, D.A. and Mengistu, D.T. and Menota, B.G. and Mensah, G.A. and Meretoja, A. and Meretoja, T.J. and Mezgebe, H.B. and Miazgowski, T. and Micha, R. and Milam, R. and Millear, A. and Miller, T.R. and Mini, G.K. and Minnig, S. and Mirica, A. and Mirrakhimov, E.M. and Misganaw, A. and Mitchell, P.B. and Mlashu, F.W. and Moazen, B. and Mohammad, K.A. and Mohammadibakhsh, R. and Mohammed, E. and Mohammed, M.A. and Mohammed, S. and Mokdad, A.H. and Mola, G.L.D. and Molokhia, M. and Momeniha, F. and Monasta, L. and Montañez Hernandez, J.C. and Moosazadeh, M. and Moradi-Lakeh, M. and Moraga, P. and Morawska, L. and Moreno Velasquez, I. and Mori, R. and Morrison, S.D. and Moses, M. and Mousavi, S.M. and Mueller, U.O. and Murhekar, M. and Murthy, G.V.S. and Murthy, S. and Musa, J. and Musa, K.I. and Mustafa, G. and Muthupandian, S. and Nagata, C. and Nagel, G. and Naghavi, M. and Naheed, A. and Naik, G.A. and Naik, N. and Najafi, F. and Naldi, L. and Nangia, V. and Nansseu, J.R.N. and Narayan, K.M.V. and Nascimento, B.R. and Negoi, I. and Negoi, R.I. and Newton, C.R. and Ngunjiri, J.W. and Nguyen, G. and Nguyen, L. and Nguyen, T.H. and Nichols, E. and Ningrum, D.N.A. and Nolte, E. and Nong, V.M. and Norheim, O.F. and Norrving, B. and Noubiap, J.J.N. and Nyandwi, A. and Obermeyer, C.M. and Ofori-Asenso, R. and Ogbo, F.A. and Oh, I.-H. and Oladimeji, O. and Olagunju, A.T. and Olagunju, T.O. and Olivares, P.R. and De Oliveira, P.P.V. and Olsen, H.E. and Olusanya, B.O. and Olusanya, J.O. and Ong, K. and Opio, J.N. and Oren, E. and Ortega-Altamirano, D.V. and Ortiz, A. and Ozdemir, R. and Pa, M. and Pain, A.W. and Palone, M.R.T. and Pana, A. and Panda-Jonas, S. and Pandian, J.D. and Park, E.-K. and Parsian, H. and Patel, T. and Pati, S. and Patil, S.T. and Patle, A. and Patton, G.C. and Paturi, V.R. and Paudel, D. and De Moares Pedroso, M. and Pedroza, S.P. and Pereira, D.M. and Perico, N. and Peterson, H. and Petzold, M. and Peykari, N. and Phillips, M.R. and Piel, F.B. and Pigott, D.M. and Pillay, J.D. and Piradov, M.A. and Polinder, S. and Pond, C.D. and Postma, M.J. and Pourmalek, F. and Prakash, S. and Prakash, V. and Prasad, N. and Prasad, N.M. and Purcell, C. and Qorbani, M. and Quintana, H.K. and Radfar, A. and Rafay, A. and Rafiei, A. and Rahimi, K. and Rahimi-Movaghar, A. and Rahimi-Movaghar, V. and Rahman, M. and Rahman, M.A. and Rahman, S.U. and Rai, R.K. and Raju, S.B. and Ram, U. and Rana, S.M. and Rankin, Z. and Rasella, D. and Rawaf, D.L. and Rawaf, S. and Ray, S.E. and Razo-García, C.A. and Reddy, P. and Reiner, R.C. and Reis, C. and Reitsma, M.B. and Remuzzi, G. and Renzaho, A.M.N. and Resnikoff, S. and Rezaei, S. and Rezai, M.S. and Ribeiro, A.L. and Rios Blancas, M.J. and Rivera, J.A. and Roever, L. and Ronfani, L. and Roshandel, G. and Rostami, A. and Roth, G.A. and Rothenbacher, D. and Roy, A. and Roy, N. and Ruhago, G.M. and Sabde, Y.D. and Sachdev, P.S. and Sadat, N. and Safdarian, M. and Safiri, S. and Sagar, R. and Sahebkar, A. and Sahraian, M.A. and Sajadi, H.S. and Salama, J. and Salamati, P. and De Freitas Saldanha, R. and Salimzadeh, H. and Salomon, J.A. and Samy, A.M. and Sanabria, J.R. and Sancheti, P.K. and Sanchez-Niño, M.D. and Santomauro, D. and Santos, I.S. and Santric Milicevic, M.M. and Sarker, A.R. and Sarrafzadegan, N. and Sartorius, B. and Satpathy, M. and Savic, M. and Sawhney, M. and Saxena, S. and Saylan, M.I. and Schaeffner, E. and Schmidhuber, J. and Schmidt, M.I. and Schneider, I.J.C. and Schumacher, A.E. and Schutte, A.E. and Schwebel, D.C. and Schwendicke, F. and Sekerija, M. and Sepanlou, S.G. and Servan-Mori, E.E. and Shafieesabet, A. and Shaikh, M.A. and Shakh-Nazarova, M. and Shams-Beyranvand, M. and Sharafi, H. and Sharif-Alhoseini, M. and Shariful Islam, S.M. and Sharma, M. and Sharma, R. and She, J. and Sheikh, A. and Shfare, M.T. and Shi, P. and Shields, C. and Shigematsu, M. and Shinohara, Y. and Shiri, R. and Shirkoohi, R. and Shiue, I. and Shrime, M.G. and Shukla, S.R. and Siabani, S. and Sigfusdottir, I.D. and Silberberg, D.H. and Silva, D.A.S. and Silva, J.P. and Silveira, D.G.A. and Singh, J.A. and Singh, L. and Singh, N.P. and Singh, V. and Sinha, D.N. and Sinke, A.H. and Sisay, M. and Skirbekk, V. and Sliwa, K. and Smith, A. and Soares Filho, A.M. and Sobaih, B.H.A. and Somai, M. and Soneji, S. and Soofi, M. and Sorensen, R.J.D. and Soriano, J.B. and Soyiri, I.N. and Sposato, L.A. and Sreeramareddy, C.T. and Srinivasan, V. and Stanaway, J.D. and Stathopoulou, V. and Steel, N. and Stein, D.J. and Stokes, M.A. and Sturua, L. and Sufiyan, M.B. and Suliankatchi, R.A. and Sunguya, B.F. and Sur, P.J. and Sykes, B.L. and Sylaja, P.N. and Szoeke, C.E.I. and Tabarés-Seisdedos, R. and Tadakamadla, S.K. and Tadesse, A.H. and Taffere, G.R. and Tandon, N. and Tariku, A.T. and Taveira, N. and Tehrani-Banihashemi, A. and Temam Shifa, G. and Temsah, M.-H. and Terkawi, A.S. and Tesema, A.G. and Tesfaye, D.J. and Tessema, B. and Thakur, J.S. and Thomas, N. and Thompson, M.J. and Tillmann, T. and To, Q.G. and Tobe-Gai, R. and Tonelli, M. and Topor-Madry, R. and Topouzis, F. and Torre, A. and Tortajada, M. and Tran, B.X. and Tran, K.B. and Tripathi, A. and Tripathy, S.P. and Troeger, C. and Truelsen, T. and Tsoi, D. and Tudor Car, L. and Tuem, K.B. and Tyrovolas, S. and Uchendu, U.S. and Ukwaja, K.N. and Ullah, I. and Updike, R. and Uthman, O.A. and Uzochukwu, B.S.C. and Valdez, P.R. and Van Boven, J.F.M. and Varughese, S. and Vasankari, T. and Venketasubramanian, N. and Violante, F.S. and Vladimirov, S.K. and Vlassov, V.V. and Vollset, S.E. and Vos, T. and Wagnew, F. and Waheed, Y. and Wallin, M.T. and Walson, J.L. and Wang, Y. and Wang, Y.-P. and Wassie, M.M. and Weaver, M.R. and Weiderpass, E. and Weintraub, R.G. and Weiss, J. and Weldegwergs, K.G. and Werdecker, A. and West, T.E. and Westerman, R. and White, R.G. and Whiteford, H.A. and Widecka, J. and Winkler, A.S. and Wiysonge, C.S. and Wolfe, C.D.A. and Wondimkun, Y.A. and Workicho, A. and Wyper, G.M.A. and Xavier, D. and Xu, G. and Yan, L.L. and Yano, Y. and Yaseri, M. and Yimer, N.B. and Yin, P. and Yip, P. and Yirsaw, B.D. and Yonemoto, N. and Yonga, G. and Yoon, S.-J. and Yotebieng, M. and Younis, M.Z. and Yu, C. and Zadnik, V. and Zaidi, Z. and El Sayed Zaki, M. and Zaman, S.B. and Zamani, M. and Zenebe, Z.M. and Zhou, M. and Zhu, J. and Zimsen, S.R.M. and Zipkin, B. and Zodpey, S. and Zuhlke, L.J. and Murray, C.J.L. and Lozano, R. and Access, GBD 2016 Healthcare and Collaborators, Quality (2018) Measuring performance on the Healthcare Access and Quality Index for 195 countries and territories and selected subnational locations: A systematic analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016. The Lancet, 391 (10136). pp. 2236-2271.

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