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Wiens, K.E. and Lindstedt, P.A. and Blacker, B.F. and Johnson, K.B. and Baumann, M.M. and Schaeffer, L.E. and Abbastabar, H. and Abd-Allah, F. and Abdelalim, A. and Abdollahpour, I. and Abegaz, K.H. and Abejie, A.N. and Abreu, L.G. and Abrigo, M.R.M. and Abualhasan, A. and Accrombessi, M.M.K. and Acharya, D. and Adabi, M. and Adamu, A.A. and Adebayo, O.M. and Adedoyin, R.A. and Adekanmbi, V. and Adetokunboh, O.O. and Adhena, B.M. and Afarideh, M. and Ahmad, S. and Ahmadi, K. and Ahmed, A.E. and Ahmed, M.B. and Ahmed, R. and Akalu, T.Y. and Alahdab, F. and Al-Aly, Z. and Alam, N. and Alam, S. and Alamene, G.M. and Alanzi, T.M. and Alcalde-Rabanal, J.E. and Ali, B.A. and Alijanzadeh, M. and Alipour, V. and Aljunid, S.M. and Almasi, A. and Almasi-Hashiani, A. and Al-Mekhlafi, H.M. and Altirkawi, K.A. and Alvis-Guzman, N. and Alvis-Zakzuk, N.J. and Amini, S. and Amit, A.M.L. and Andrei, C.L. and Anjomshoa, M. and Anoushiravani, A. and Ansari, F. and Antonio, C.A.T. and Antony, B. and Antriyandarti, E. and Arabloo, J. and Aref, H.M.A. and Aremu, O. and Armoon, B. and Arora, A. and Aryal, K.K. and Arzani, A. and Asadi-Aliabadi, M. and Atalay, H.T. and Athari, S.S. and Athari, S.M. and Atre, S.R. and Ausloos, M. and Awoke, N. and Ayala Quintanilla, B.P. and Ayano, G. and Ayanore, M.A. and Aynalem, Y.A. and Azari, S. and Azzopardi, P.S. and Babaee, E. and Babalola, T.K. and Badawi, A. and Bairwa, M. and Bakkannavar, S.M. and Balakrishnan, S. and Bali, A.G. and Banach, M. and Banoub, J.A.M. and Barac, A. and Bärnighausen, T.W. and Basaleem, H. and Basu, S. and Bay, V.D. and Bayati, M. and Baye, E. and Bedi, N. and Beheshti, M. and Behzadifar, M. and Behzadifar, M. and Bekele, B.B. and Belayneh, Y.M. and Bell, M.L. and Bennett, D.A. and Berbada, D.A. and Bernstein, R.S. and Bhat, A.G. and Bhattacharyya, K. and Bhattarai, S. and Bhaumik, S. and Bhutta, Z.A. and Bijani, A. and Bikbov, B. and Birihane, B.M. and Biswas, R.K. and Bohlouli, S. and Bojia, H.A. and Boufous, S. and Brady, O.J. and Bragazzi, N.L. and Briko, A.N. and Briko, N.I. and Britton, G.B. and Burugina Nagaraja, S. and Busse, R. and Butt, Z.A. and Cámera, L.A. and Campos-Nonato, I.R. and Cano, J. and Car, J. and Cárdenas, R. and Carvalho, F. and Castañeda-Orjuela, C.A. and Castro, F. and Chanie, W.F. and Chatterjee, P. and Chattu, V.K. and Chichiabellu, T.Y. and Chin, K.L. and Christopher, D.J. and Chu, D.-T. and Cormier, N.M. and Costa, V.M. and Culquichicon, C. and Daba, M.S. and Damiani, G. and Dandona, L. and Dandona, R. and Dang, A.K. and Darwesh, A.M. and Darwish, A.H. and Daryani, A. and Das, J.K. and Das Gupta, R.D. and Dash, A.P. and Davey, G. and Dávila-Cervantes, C.A. and Davis, A.C. and Davitoiu, D.V. and De la Hoz, F.P. and Demis, A.B. and Demissie, D.B. and Demissie, G.D. and Demoz, G.T. and Denova-Gutiérrez, E. and Deribe, K. and Desalew, A. and Deshpande, A. and Dharmaratne, S.D. and Dhillon, P. and Dhimal, M. and Dhungana, G.P. and Diaz, D. and Dipeolu, I.O. and Djalalinia, S. and Doyle, K.E. and Dubljanin, E. and Duko, B. and Duraes, A.R. and Ebrahimi Kalan, M. and Edinur, H.A. and Effiong, A. and Eftekhari, A. and El Nahas, N. and El Sayed, I. and El Sayed Zaki, M. and El Tantawi, M. and Elema, T.B. and Elhabashy, H.R. and El-Jaafary, S.I. and Elkout, H. and Elsharkawy, A. and Elyazar, I.R.F. and Endalamaw, A. and Endalew, D.A. and Eskandarieh, S. and Esteghamati, A. and Esteghamati, S. and Etemadi, A. and Ezekannagha, O. and Fareed, M. and Faridnia, R. and Farzadfar, F. and Fazlzadeh, M. and Feigin, V.L. and Fereshtehnejad, S.-M. and Fernandes, E. and Filip, I. and Fischer, F. and Foigt, N.A. and Folayan, M.O. and Foroutan, M. and Franklin, R.C. and Fukumoto, T. and Gad, M.M. and Gayesa, R.T. and Gebre, T. and Gebremedhin, K.B. and Gebremeskel, G.G. and Gesesew, H.A. and Gezae, K.E. and Ghadiri, K. and Ghashghaee, A. and Ghimire, P.R. and Gill, P.S. and Gill, T.K. and Ginindza, T.G. and Gomes, N.G. and Gopalani, S.V. and Goulart, A.C. and Goulart, B.N.G. and Grada, A. and Gubari, M.I.M. and Gugnani, H.C. and Guido, D. and Guimarães, R.A. and Guo, Y. and Gupta, R. and Hafezi-Nejad, N. and Haile, D.H. and Hailu, G.B. and Haj-Mirzaian, A. and Haj-Mirzaian, A. and Hamadeh, R.R. and Hamidi, S. and Handiso, D.W. and Haririan, H. and Hariyani, N. and Hasaballah, A.I. and Hasan, M.M. and Hasanpoor, E. and Hasanzadeh, A. and Hassankhani, H. and Hassen, H.Y. and Hegazy, M.I. and Heibati, B. and Heidari, B. and Hendrie, D. and Henry, N.J. and Herteliu, C. and Heydarpour, F. and Hidru, H.D.D. and Hird, T.R. and Hoang, C.L. and Homaie Rad, E.H. and Hoogar, P. and Hoseini, M. and Hossain, N. and Hosseini, M. and Hosseinzadeh, M. and Househ, M. and Hsairi, M. and Hu, G. and Hussen, M.M. and Ibitoye, S.E. and Igumbor, E.U. and Ilesanmi, O.S. and Ilic, M.D. and Imani-Nasab, M.H. and Iqbal, U. and Irvani, S.S.N. and Islam, S.M.S. and Iwu, C.J. and Izadi, N. and Jaca, A. and Jahanmehr, N. and Jakovljevic, M. and Jalali, A. and Jayatilleke, A.U. and Jha, R.P. and Jha, V. and Ji, J.S. and Jonas, J.B. and Jozwiak, J.J. and Kabir, A. and Kabir, Z. and Kahsay, A. and Kalani, H. and Kanchan, T. and Karami Matin, B. and Karch, A. and Karim, M.A. and Karimi-Sari Surendra Karki, H. and Kasaeian, A. and Kasahun, G.G. and Kasahun, Y.C. and Kasaye, H.K. and Kassa, G.G. and Kassa, G.M. and Kayode, G.A. and Kazemi Karyani, A. and Kebede, M.M. and Keiyoro, P.N. and Kelbore, A.G. and Kengne, A.P. and Ketema, D.B. and Khader, Y.S. and Khafaie, M.A. and Khalid, N. and Khalilov, R. and Khan, E.A. and Khan, J. and Khan, M.N. and Khan, M.S. and Khatab, K. and Khater, A.M. and Khater, M.M. and Khayamzadeh, M. and Khazaei, M. and Khazaei, S. and Khosravi, M.H. and Khubchandani, J. and Kiadaliri, A. and Kim, Y.J. and Kimokoti, R.W. and Kisa, A. and Kisa, S. and Kissoon, N. and Shivakumar, K.M. and Kochhar, S. and Kolola, T. and Komaki, H. and Kosen, S. and Koul, P.A. and Koyanagi, A. and Kraemer, M.U.G. and Krishan, K. and Kugbey, N. and Kumar, G.A. and Kumar, M. and Kumar, P. and Kumar, V. and Kusuma, D. and La Vecchia, C. and Lacey, B. and Lad, S.D. and Lal, D.K. and Lam, F. and Lami, F.H. and Lamichhane, P. and Lansingh, V.C. and Lasrado, S. and Laxmaiah, A. and Lee, P.H. and LeGrand, K.E. and Leili, M. and Lenjebo, T.L. and Leshargie, C.T. and Levine, A.J. and Li, S. and Linn, S. and Liu, S. and Liu, S. and Lodha, R. and Longbottom, J. and Lopez, J.C.F. and Magdy Abd El Razek, H. and Magdy Abd El Razek, M. and Mahadeshwara Prasad, DR. and Mahasha, P.W. and Mahotra, N.B. and Majeed, A. and Malekzadeh, R. and Malta, D.C. and Mamun, A.A. and Manafi, N. and Manda, A.L. and Manohar, N.D.D. and Mansournia, M.A. and Mapoma, C.C. and Maravilla, J.C. and Martinez, G. and Martini, S. and Martins-Melo, F.R. and Masaka, A. and Massenburg, B.B. and Mathur, M.R. and Mayala, B.K. and Mazidi, M. and McAlinden, C. and Meharie, B.G. and Mehndiratta, M.M. and Mehta, K.M. and Mekonnen, T.C. and Meles, G.G. and Memiah, P.T.N. and Memish, Z.A. and Mendoza, W. and Menezes, R.G. and Mereta, S.T. and Meretoja, T.J. and Mestrovic, T. and Miazgowski, B. and Mihretie, K.M. and Miller, T.R. and Mini, G.K. and Mirrakhimov, E.M. and Moazen, B. and Mohajer, B. and Mohamadi-Bolbanabad, A. and Mohammad, D.K. and Mohammad, K.A. and Mohammad, Y. and Mohammad Gholi Mezerji, N. and Mohammadibakhsh, R. and Mohammadifard, N. and Mohammed, J.A. and Mohammed, S. and Mohebi, F. and Mokdad, A.H. and Molokhia, M. and Monasta, L. and Moodley, Y. and Moore, C.E. and Moradi, G. and Moradi, M. and Moradi-Joo, M. and Moradi-Lakeh, M. and Moraga, P. and Morales, L. and Moreno Velásquez, I. and Mosapour, A. and Mouodi, S. and Mousavi, S.M. and Mozaffor, M. and Muchie, K.F. and Mulaw, G.F. and Munro, S.B. and Muriithi, M.K. and Murray, C.J. and Murthy, G.V.S. and Musa, K.I. and Mustafa, G. and Muthupandian, S. and Nabhan, A.F. and Naderi, M. and Nagarajan, A.J. and Naidoo, K.S. and Naik, G. and Najafi, F. and Nangia, V. and Nansseu, J.R. and Nascimento, B.R. and Nazari, J. and Ndwandwe, D.E. and Negoi, I. and Netsere, H.B. and Ngunjiri, J.W. and Nguyen, C.T. and Nguyen, H.L.T. and Nguyen, T.H. and Nigatu, D. and Nigatu, S.G. and Ningrum, D.N.A. and Nnaji, C.A. and Nojomi, M. and Nong, V.M. and Norheim, O.F. and Noubiap, J.J. and Nouraei Motlagh, S. and Oancea, B. and Ogah, O.S. and Ogbo, F.A. and Oh, I.-H. and Olagunju, A.T. and Olagunju, T.O. and Olusanya, B.O. and Olusanya, J.O. and Onwujekwe, O.E. and Oren, E. and Ortega-Altamirano, D.V. and Osarenotor, O. and Osei, F.B. and Owolabi, M.O. and P A, M. and Padubidri, J.R. and Pakhale, S. and Patel, S.K. and Paternina-Caicedo, A.J. and Pathak, A. and Patton, G.C. and Paudel, D. and Paulos, K. and Pepito, V.C.F. and Pereira, A. and Perico, N. and Pervaiz, A. and Pescarini, J.M. and Piroozi, B. and Pirsaheb, M. and Postma, M.J. and Pourjafar, H. and Pourmalek, F. and Pourshams, A. and Poustchi, H. and Prada, S.I. and Prasad, N. and Preotescu, L. and Quintana, H. and Rabiee, N. and Radfar, A. and Rafiei, A. and Rahim, F. and Rahimi-Movaghar, A. and Rahimi-Movaghar, V. and Rahman, M.H.U. and Rahman, M.A. and Rahman, S. and Rajati, F. and Rana, S.M. and Ranabhat, C.L. and Rasella, D. and Rawaf, D.L. and Rawaf, S. and Rawal, L. and Rawasia, W.F. and Renjith, V. and Renzaho, A.M.N. and Resnikoff, S. and Reta, M.A. and Rezaei, N. and Rezai, M.S. and Riahi, S.M. and Ribeiro, A.I. and Rickard, J. and Rios-Blancas, M. and Roever, L. and Ronfani, L. and Roro, E.M. and Ross, J.M. and Rubagotti, E. and Rubino, S. and Saad, A.M. and Sabde, Y.D. and Sabour, S. and Sadeghi, E. and Safari, Y. and Safari-Faramani, R. and Sagar, R. and Sahebkar, A. and Sahraian, M.A. and Sajadi, S.M. and Salahshoor, M.R. and Salam, N. and Salamati, P. and Salem, H. and Salem, M.R. and Salimi, Y. and Salimzadeh, H. and Samy, A.M. and Sanabria, J. and Santric-Milicevic, M.M. and Sao Jose, B.P. and Saraswathy, S.Y.I. and Sarkar, K. and Sarker, A.R. and Sarrafzadegan, N. and Sartorius, B. and Sathian, B. and Sathish, T. and Sawhney, M. and Saxena, S. and Schwebel, D.C. and Senbeta, A.M. and Senthilkumaran, S. and Sepanlou, S.G. and Serván-Mori, E. and Shabaninejad, H. and Shafieesabet, A. and Shaikh, M.A. and Shalash, A.S. and Shallo, S.A. and Shams-Beyranvand, M. and Shamsi, M.B. and Shamsizadeh, M. and Shannawaz, M. and Sharafi, K. and Sharifi, H. and Shehata, H.S. and Sheikh, A. and Shetty, B.S.K. and Shibuya, K. and Shiferaw, W.S. and Shifti, D.M. and Shigematsu, M. and Shin, J.I. and Shiri, R. and Shirkoohi, R. and Siabani, S. and Siddiqi, T.J. and Silva, D.A.S. and Singh, A. and Singh, J.A. and Singh, N.P. and Singh, V. and Sisay, M.M. and Skiadaresi, E. and Sobhiyeh, M.R. and Sokhan, A. and Soltani, S. and Somayaji, R. and Soofi, M. and Sorrie, M.B. and Soyiri, I.N. and Sreeramareddy, C.T. and Sudaryanto, A. and Sufiyan, M.B. and Suleria, H.A.R. and Sultana, M. and Sunguya, B.F. and Sykes, B.L. and Tabarés-Seisdedos, R. and Tabuchi, T. and Tadesse, D.B. and Tarigan, I.U. and Tasew, A.A. and Tefera, Y.M. and Tekle, M.G. and Temsah, M. and Tesfay, B.E. and Tesfay, F.H. and Tessema, B. and Tessema, Z.T. and Thankappan, K.R. and Thomas, N. and Toma, A. and Topor-Madry, R. and Tovani-Palone, M.R. and Traini, E. and Tran, B.X. and Tran, K.B. and Ullah, I. and Unnikrishnan, B. and Usman, M.S. and Uzochukwu, B.S.C. and Valdez, P.R. and Varughese, S. and Violante, F.S. and Vollmer, S. and Whawariat, F.G. and Waheed, Y. and Wallin, M.T. and Wang, Y. and Wang, Y.-P. and Weaver, M. and Weji, B.G. and Weldesamuel, G.T. and Welgan, C.A. and Werdecker, A. and Westerman, R. and Wiangkham, T. and Wiysonge, C.S. and Wolde, H.F. and Wondafrash, D.Z. and Wonde, T.E. and Worku, G.T. and Wu, A.-M. and Xu, G. and Yadollahpour, A. and Yahyazadeh Jabbari, S.H. and Yamada, T. and Yatsuya, H. and Yeshaneh, A. and Yilgwan, C.S. and Yilma, M.T. and Yip, P. and Yisma, E. and Yonemoto, N. and Yoon, S.-J. and Younis, M.Z. and Yousefifard, M. and Yousof, H.-A.S.A. and Yu, C. and Yusefzadeh, H. and Zadey, S. and Zaidi, Z. and Zaman, S.B. and Zamani, M. and Zandian, H. and Zepro, N.B. and Zerfu, T.A. and Zhang, Y. and Zhao, X.-J.G. and Ziapour, A. and Zodpey, S. and Zuniga, Y.M.H. and Hay, S.I. and Reiner, Jr. (2020) Mapping geographical inequalities in oral rehydration therapy coverage in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000-17. The Lancet Global Health, 8 (8). e1038-e1060.

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