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Down-Regulation of SIRT1 Expression by mir-23b Contributes to Lipid Accumulation in HepG2 Cells

Borji, M. and Nourbakhsh, M. and Shafiee, S.M. and Owji, A.A. and Abdolvahabi, Z. and Hesari, Z. and Ilbeigi, D. and Seiri, P. and Yousefi, Z. (2019) Down-Regulation of SIRT1 Expression by mir-23b Contributes to Lipid Accumulation in HepG2 Cells. Biochemical Genetics.

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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is one of the main causes of chronic liver disease and therefore is currently considered a major public health problem. Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) is an NAD-dependent deacetylase enzyme that contributes in the regulation of metabolic processes and protects against lipid accumulation in hepatocytes. Its expression is potentially regulated by microRNAs which attach to the 3� untranslated region (3�-UTR) of their target mRNA. HepG2 cells were incubated by glucose to induce lipid accumulation and were subsequently transfected with mir-23b mimic and inhibitor. Real-time PCR was used for measuring the expression of mir-23b and SIRT1 mRNA. Cell survival assay and intracellular triglyceride measurement were performed using colorimetric methods. Determination of SIRT1 protein level and activity were done by western blot and fluorometric analysis, respectively. The interaction of miR-23b with 3�-UTR of SIRT1 mRNA was confirmed by dual luciferase. miR-23b mimic inhibited gene and protein expression of SIRT1, while the inhibitor of miR-23b significantly elevated the expression levels of SIRT1 mRNA and protein. The results showed that the 3�-UTR of SIRT1 mRNA is a direct target for miR-23b. The intracellular triglyceride level was increased following the inhibition of SIRT1 in transfected HepG2 cell by miR-23b mimic. Cell viability was decreased in response to miR-23b upregulation compared to control cells. miR-23b reduces the expression and activity of SIRT1 and therefore may be a causative factor in the enhancement of lipid accumulation in HepG2 cells. © 2019, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.

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