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Genetic and morphometric categorization of Taenia ovis from Sheep in Iran

Rostami, S. and Salavati, R. and Beech, R.N. and Babaei, Z. and Sharbatkhori, M. and Shamsaddini, S. and Nasibi, S. and Harandi, M.F. (2019) Genetic and morphometric categorization of Taenia ovis from Sheep in Iran. Parasitology, 146 (5). pp. 563-568.

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Little is known about the genetic and morphological characters of Taenia ovis. The purpose of the present study was to characterize sheep isolates of T. ovis using rostellar hook morphometry as well as mitochondrial genes sequence analysis. Ninety sheep specimens of Cysticercus ovis were collected from 18 slaughterhouses in Iran. The mean ± s.d. for total length of large and small hooks were 174.1 ± 6.4 and 116.7 ± 5.4 m, respectively. CO1 and 12S rRNA sequence analysis showed 11 and nine haplotypes, respectively. The level of pairwise nucleotide variations between individual haplotypes of CO1 and 12S rRNA genes were 0.3-1.1 and 0.2-1.0, respectively. Level of nucleotide variation in CO1 and 12S rRNA between T. ovis haplotypes from present study and eight other Taenia species was found to be 11.3-17.8 and 5.3-16.3, respectively. Phylogenetic analysis clustered all T. ovis isolates into a single clade comprised of the all CO1 and 12S rRNA haplotypes. CO1 nucleotide difference between T. ovis ovis and T. asiatica was 13.6 that is lesser than the corresponding difference between T. ovis ovis and T. ovis krabbei, warranting the designation of two separate species as T. ovis and T. krabbei. Interclass correlation coefficients showed that there was no significant association between rostellar hook length variation and the variability of the mitochondrial genes. © Cambridge University Press 2018.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: RNA 12S, Article; classification; correlation coefficient; gene sequence; genetic analysis; haplotype; Iran; morphometry; nonhuman; parasite isolation; phylogeny; priority journal; sequence analysis; sheep; single nucleotide polymorphism; slaughterhouse; Taenia asiatica; Taenia krabbei; Taenia ovis
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