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Evaluation and phylogenetic analysis of regular rabies virus vaccine strains

Ajorloo, M. and Mirzaei, H. and Sadeghi, Y. and Tarban, N. and Soltani, S. and Mohammadi, F.S. and Davarinejad, P. and Roudy, M.A. and Jahantigh, H.R. and Abouhamzeh, K. and Mohammadhosayni, M. and Nikoo, H.R. and Alamdary, A. and Norouzi, M. (2018) Evaluation and phylogenetic analysis of regular rabies virus vaccine strains. Archives of Iranian Medicine, 21 (3). pp. 101-110.

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Background: This study aimed to evaluate Rabies virus vaccine strains. The obtained results may be helpful for vaccine producers and researchers to compare the strains with wild type and other vaccine strains and select the correct strain to challenge their products. Methods: Fourteen rabies virus vaccine strains were compared with each other. The full genomes of the selected strains were taken from the GenBank and the N, P and G genes were labeled. The major and minor antigenic sites of these sequences were identified and contrasted with each other. The identity matrix was designed for rabies virus full genome, N and G genes. In addition, the phylogenetic tree was drawn based on rabies virus N gene for deep analysis. Results: Although there were no significant differences between antigenic sites in N, P, and G genes, there were noticeable differences for full genome identity matrix and this significant difference can also be observed in N and G identity matrix. In the phylogenetic tree, the Iranian sequences were distant from currently applied vaccine strains. Conclusion: It is necessary to pay attention to the results shown in phylogenetic tree because they warn us about distance between the Iranian sequences and current strains used in applied vaccines. In addition, the obtained results help vaccine producers to choose a correct strain to challenge their product and evaluate their vaccine potency. © 2018 The Author(s).

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