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Genomic analyses of a novel bacteriophage (VBPmiS-Isfahan) within Siphoviridae family infecting Proteus mirabilis

Yazdi, M. and Bouzari, M. and Ghaemi, E.A. (2018) Genomic analyses of a novel bacteriophage (VBPmiS-Isfahan) within Siphoviridae family infecting Proteus mirabilis. Genomics.

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Proteus mirabilis is one of the most common causes of complicated urinary tract infections (UTI), especially in catheter-associated UTIs. The increased resistance to antibiotics, among P. mirabilis isolates has led us to search for alternative antibacterial agents. In this study, genome of a lytic Proteus phage VBPmiS-Isfahan, isolated from wastewater, and active against planktonic and biofilms of P. mirabilis, isolated from UTI, was analyzed. Accordingly, the genome was sequenced and its similarity to other phages was assessed by the Mauve and EasyFig softwares. “One Click” was used for phylogenetic tree construction. The complete genome of VBPmiS-Isfahan was 54,836 bp, dsDNA with a G+C content of 36.09. Nighty-one open reading frames (ORFs) was deduced, among them, 23 were considered as functional genes, based on the homology to the previously characterized proteins. The BLASTn of VBPmiS-Isfahan showed low similarity to complete genome of Salmonella phages VBSenSSasha, 9NA, and VBSenS-Sergei. A comparison of Nucleic acid and amino acid sequence, and phylogenetic analyses indicated that the phage is novel, significantly differs, and is distant from other genera, within Siphoviridae family. No virulence-associated and antibiotic resistance genes were detected. Thus, VBPmiS-Isfahan phage is suggested as a potential novel candidate for the treatment of diseases, caused by P. mirabilis. © 2018 Elsevier Inc.

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