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Sinusitis and the related remedies in Persian medicine

Kamaneh, S.A.-R. and Qaraaty, M. and Tabarrai, M. and Mazidi, M. and Mojahedi, M. and Azizkhani, M. (2018) Sinusitis and the related remedies in Persian medicine. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, 17 (4). pp. 654-662.

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Sinusitis is a very common inflammatory disorder that is associated with high healthcare spending and impairs life quality. Thus, in this review study, we aimed at discussing the standpoints on its diagnosis, pathophysiology, medication, and perspective management according to Persian Medicine (PM). To this goal, the studies on sinusitis were collected from the selected medical and pharmaceutical textbooks of PM to be then analyzed. A search on databases as Google Scholar, Science Direct, PubMed, Web of Science and Scopus was also performed to reconfirm the Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial activity of reported herbs. In PM, the term Nazleh and Zokam (NaZ) was used to describe what is now named as sinusitis. It was reported that NaZ contained the substances secreted from paranasal sinuses (Botoun-e-Demaghy). Etiologically, NaZ is classified into warm and cold types. Comparing the symptoms, warm NaZ resembles Allergic rhinitis or acute episode of common cold and cold NaZ is similar to acute/chronic episode of rhinosinusitis. Based on the PM management of this disorder, modification of life style was recommended besides observing the basic treatment rules by using pharmacotherapy and following some simple manipulations. In this review, we tried to explain the medieval scientists’ intervention methods for sinusitis based on their knowledge. © 2018, National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR). All rights reserved.

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