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The effect of iodopovidone versus bleomycin in chemical pleurodesis

Bagheri, R. and Noori, M. and Rajayi, M. and Attaran, D. and Mohammad Hashem Asna Ashari, A. and Mohammadzadeh Lari, S. and Basiri, R. and Rezaeetalab, F. and Afghani, R. and Salehi, M. (2018) The effect of iodopovidone versus bleomycin in chemical pleurodesis. Asian Cardiovascular and Thoracic Annals.

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Background: Malignant pleural effusion continues to be a common problem in patients with metastatic disease. This study was conducted to compare the efficacy and safety of bleomycin pleurodesis with povidone-iodine pleurodesis through a chest drain as palliative treatment for recurrent malignant pleural effusion. Methods: Sixty cancer patients (36 males and 24 females) with recurrent malignant pleural effusion were enrolled in a prospective randomized trial. Thirty patients received povidone-iodine pleurodesis and 30 received bleomycin pleurodesis. Age, sex, side of the primary pathology, treatment outcome (recurrence and relapse time), and complications were analyzed. Results: The mean age was 59.63 ± 7.68 years in the povidone-iodine group and 57.97 ± 9.27 years in the bleomycin group (p = 0.452). The complications were identical in both groups: 2 (6.7) patients had chest pain, 2 (6.7) had fever, and one (3.3) had hypotension. There was a good response to therapy in 20 (66.7) patients in the bleomycin group and 25 (83.3) in the povidone-iodine group (p = 0.136). Conclusion: The results of this study indicate that povidone-iodine should be considered as a selective chemical agent to perform pleurodesis in patients with recurrent malignant pleural effusion because it has the same effect but costs less than bleomycin. © 2018, The Author(s) 2018.

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