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Isolation of probiotic bacteria from Guppy Poeciliareticulata (Cyprinodontiformes:Poecilidae)

Jahangiri, L. and Sudagar, M. and Ashayerizadeh, O. and Kolangi, H. and Tabarraei, A. (2018) Isolation of probiotic bacteria from Guppy Poeciliareticulata (Cyprinodontiformes:Poecilidae). Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 18 (6). pp. 809-815.

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The screening possibility of some Lactobacillus sp. bacteria with potential probiotic properties from digestive tract of guppywas investigated in this study.To this end, forty -nine bacterial isolates derived from the digestive tract of the guppy were screened based on the morphological and microscopic characteristics like Catalase test, Gram staining and Spore staining. Then, other examinations for selecting the bacteria with the best potential probiotic properties were done, including: functional antagonist assay, cell surface hydrophobicity, and resistance to acid and bile salts. Additionally,16SrRNA fragment of the isolates with probiotic characteristics depicted 100 sequence identity with Weissellacibaria. According to our results, W. cibariahas the potential probiotic characteristics to apply in the culture of guppy. © Published by Central Fisheries Research Institute (CFRI) Trabzon, Turkey.

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