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"konkoor Giant", a narrative of high school female students from Gorgan, Iran

Arab, S. and Ziaei, T. and Behnampour, N. and Khoori, E. (2017) "konkoor Giant", a narrative of high school female students from Gorgan, Iran. Walter de Gruyter GmbH.

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The university entrance exam or Konkoor is a determining event for the Iranian adolescents and their families. It is considered as the most important opportunity for adolescents for creating their ideal futures. Hence, regarding the importance of this exam and its accompanying pressures during the critical and stressful adolescence period, this study describes adolescents' perspective about what make them worried about the university entrance exam. This study is based on responses of 500 high school female students to an open-ended question completed in their class. In total 482 adolescents wrote down their answers. Using quantitative content analysis, these statements were analyzed. The findings showed that three categories including "individual" category (87.90) with three subcategories; Konkoor's outcome, readiness for Konkoor, self-blame, and "family" category (7.12) with three subcategories; consequences of failure, family expectations, family conflicts, and "religious- socioeconomic" category (4.98) with three subcategories; religion, financial status, educational policies as the main adolescents concern sources about the university entrance exam. Considering the high concerns of female adolescents about the university entrance exam and the pressures that they receive from their families, society, and even themselves, modifying the educational policies, applying some measures to promote knowledge, and gaining required skills to deal with different aspects of such concerns are necessary for adolescents and their parents. © 2017 Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: adolescence; adolescent; content analysis; expectation; family conflict; female; high school; human; Iran; major clinical study; narrative; religion; skill; student
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