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Pictorial representation of body shape in breast cancer patients

Tabande, A. and Besharat, S. and Besharat, M. (2012) Pictorial representation of body shape in breast cancer patients. HealthMED, 6 (8). pp. 2899-2901.

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Background: It has been suggested that body fatness in earlier life of a woman could be inversely related to breast cancer risk. Pictorial perception of body size could be used as a tool to assume the fat distribution in the past years. Aim: This study was conducted to measure the body image of patients with breast cancer in Golestan province, Northeast of Iran. Methods and materials: In this cross-sectional study, cases of breast cancer were derived from the population based cancer registry system of Golestan Province (N=127), between 2004 and 2006. A demographic questionnaire was completed through interview. A set of drawings (pictogram) ranging from very lean to obese was used to assess the individual's perception of their body size at three different periods of life (before menarch, up to the diagnosis of breast cancer, and up to menopause if applicable). Pictogram scores 1, 2, and 3 assigned to normal participants; pictogram score 4 for overweight subjects, and pictogram scores equal or higher than 5 for obese ones. Coded data were entered into computer and analyzed using SPSS-16 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA). Results: Mean age (±SD) of these patients was 47.6 (±10.31) years with a range of 28-80 years. Numbers of overweight and obese individuals increased during the different periods of life. Conclusion: Results showed that before menarch, most of these patients assumed their body as normal, but increasing the age, numbers of normal weight patients decreased, and in menopausal state, obesity was the most prevalent score.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: adult; aged; article; body image; body size; breast cancer; cross-sectional study; female; human; imaging and display; interview; Iran; major clinical study; menarche; menopause; obesity; pictogram; questionnaire
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