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Influence of bioaugmentation on biodegradation of phenanthrene-contaminated soil by earthworm in lab scale

Asgharnia, H. and Jafari, A.J. and Kalantary, R.R. and Nasseri, S. and Mahvi, A. and Yaghmaeian, K. and Esrafili, A. and Shahamat, Y.D. (2014) Influence of bioaugmentation on biodegradation of phenanthrene-contaminated soil by earthworm in lab scale. Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering, 12 (1).

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Background: Use of earthworm to eliminate the phenanthrene from the soil (bioaccumulation) is developed as an economical method. Bioaugmentation of microorganism was used for promotion of bioaccumulation by earthworm. The aim of this study was to determine the bioaccumulation or biodegradation of phenanthrene by Eisenia fetida and bacterial consortium in polluted soil. Methods: The amount of 0.4 kg of the polluted soil in the ratio of 10 and 30 mg phenanthrene per kg of dry soil was transferred into each pot. Afterwards, bacteria and earthworms were added to each pot in separate and combination. The samples were kept under field conditions, and the retention concentrations of phenanthrene were analyzed after 8 weeks. Results: Results showed that the Eisenia fetida was able to significantly remove phenanthrene from the polluted soil samples. Bioaccumulation and bioaugmentation alone have the removal efficiency of 60.24 and 50.3, respectively. In the combined mode, phenanthrene removal efficiency was 63.81. Conclusions: The current study indicated that the use of earthworms, could improve both phenanthrene bioavailability and microbial activity, which led to enhancing removal of carbon-based pollutants. ©2014 Asgharnia et al.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: bacterium; bioaccumulation; bioavailability; biodegradation; earthworm; microbial activity; phenanthrene; pollutant removal; soil pollution, Bacteria (microorganisms); Eisenia fetida
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