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Recent advances in Nanomaterial-mediated Bio and immune sensors for detection of aflatoxin in food products

Eivazzadeh-Keihan, R. and Pashazadeh, P. and Hejazi, M. and de la Guardia, M. and Mokhtarzadeh, A. (2017) Recent advances in Nanomaterial-mediated Bio and immune sensors for detection of aflatoxin in food products. TrAC - Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 87. pp. 112-128.

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Aflatoxin is the most harmful mycotoxin which is ubiquitous in foods and agricultural supplies. Since the health of human population is largely determined by the condition of food-producing, contaminated foods and agricultural supplies with aflatoxin can put the safety of people in jeopardy and lead to some fatal disease. In 2003 estimated the annual cost of aflatoxin contamination in the U.S. at about 500 million strong concern for human life. There are a great demand for development of rapid, sensitive and specific methods for detection of aflatoxin at trace levels. The purpose of this review is limited to novel aflatoxin biosensors, paying special attention to those based on the use of nanotechnology. The basic principles of various biosensors such as electrochemical, optical and piezoelectric biosensors have been covered. Future trends in Nanomaterial-mediated Bio and immune sensors used for onset biosensing and improvement of mobile sensors are also highlighted. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Aflatoxins; Agriculture; Biosensors; Error detection; Food products; Food safety; Nanostructured materials; Nanotechnology, Annual cost; Basic principles; Fatal disease; Future trends; Human population; Mobile sensors; Piezoelectric biosensors; Trace level, Chemical contamination, aflatoxin; gold nanoparticle; magnetic nanoparticle; mycotoxin; nanomaterial; quantum dot, antibody affinity; biosensor; biotinylation; chemoluminescence; colorimetry; conductometry; electrochemical analysis; fluorescence; fluorometry; food contamination; immunoassay; immunosensor; limit of detection; nanotechnology; optical biosensor; particle size; piezoelectricity; priority journal; Review; surface plasmon resonance; surface property; toxin analysis
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