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Novel functional polymorphism in IGF-1 gene associated with multiple sclerosis: A new insight to MS

Shahbazi, M. and Abdolmohammadi, R. and Ebadi, H. and Farazmandfar, T. (2017) Novel functional polymorphism in IGF-1 gene associated with multiple sclerosis: A new insight to MS. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders, 13. pp. 33-37.

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Background Interactions between several genes and environment may play a role in susceptibility to multiple sclerosis (MS). The IGF-1 plays a key role in proliferation, maintenance and survival of nerve cells. Therefore, we hypothesized that IGF-1 may be a target for prediction and control MS. We aimed to analysis IGF-1 gene promoter sequence, to investigate the effect of the single nucleotide variants on IGF-1 expression and its association with MS. Methods We enrolled 339 MS patients and 431 healthy controls. A specific region in IGF-1 gene promoter was investigated by SSCP analysis. All samples were genotyped by SSP-PCR. In-vitro and in-vivo IGF-1 production was measured by ELISA assay. IGF-1 expression in PBMCs was measured using real-time PCR. Results We identified a T to C single nucleotide substitution at position −1089 and a C to T at position −383 from transcription start site in the IGF-1 gene promoter. There was a significant association between MS and genotypes IGF-1(−383) C/T (p=0.001) and IGF-1(−383) C/C (p<0.001). There was also a significant association between IGF-1(−383) allele C and MS (p=0.001). In-vitro and in-vivo IGF-1 level showed that IGF-1 production in samples with genotype IGF-1(−383) C/C significantly was less than T/T (p=0.004) but not T/C (p=0.220). Conclusion According to IGF-1 roles in CNS and our results, this study suggests that low IGF-1 level may be associated with susceptibility to MS. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.

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