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Lipid peroxidation in different diseases: A review

Marjani, A. (2016) Lipid peroxidation in different diseases: A review. Bioscience Research, 13 (1-2). pp. 21-25.

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Variation in lipid peroxidation levels are observed in different diseases. Many studies have shown that increased lipid peroxidation is associated with occurrence of some diseases. The aim of present effort was to review the role of lipid peroxidation in different clinically important diseases like diabetes, renal failure and hypothyroid function. This review showed that there is possible association between lipid peroxidation levels with these diseases. However, it is not clearly known that lipid peroxidation elevation is the main cause of cell damage in different tissues. Therefore, there is still need to investigate the exact role of lipid peroxidation in different diseased conditions. © Innovative Scientific Information & Services Network.

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