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Interferon gamma gene polymorphism (+874 t > A) and chronic hepatitis b in the population of gorgan, north-eastern Iran

Ghasemian, N. and Shahbazi, M. (2016) Interferon gamma gene polymorphism (+874 t > A) and chronic hepatitis b in the population of gorgan, north-eastern Iran. Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology, 9 (8).

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Background: Based on differences in individual immune responses to the hepatitis B virus (HBV), between 5% and 10% of patients become persistently infected with the virus, which leads to the determination of chronic HBV. Cytokines such as interferon gamma (IFN-γ) are secretory proteins that play important roles in both innate and adaptive immune responses. Functional studies have demonstrated that the IFN + 874A/T gene polymorphism can increase or decrease the overall expression of IFN-gamma (γ) and ultimately determine the outcome of the infection. Objectives: This studywasperformed to investigate the relationship between the IFN-γ +874 genepolymorphismandsusceptibility to chronic HBV infection. Methods: Polymorphism detection analysis was performed on 598 subjects from North-Eastern Iran. The IFN- gene polymorphism (+ 874A/T) was genotyped through a specific sequence primer polymerase chain reaction (SSP-PCR). Results: The frequencies of the AA, AT, and TT genotypes were 31%, 51%, and 18% in the chronic HBV patient group, and 40%, 45%, and 15% in the healthy control group, respectively. However, a lack of association of the + 874 polymorphism in the IFN-γ gene of those with chronic HBV infection was found. Evaluation of HBV association with this polymorphism was significant under the dominant genetic model (P = 0.04). Conclusions: Ultimately, no association could be characterized between the polymorphism in IFN-γ + 874A/T and susceptibility to chronic HBV infection in this segment of the Iranian population (P > 0.05). © 2016. Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences.

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