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Use of single-chain antibody derivatives for targeted drug delivery

Safdari, Y. and Ahmadzadeh, V. and Khalili, M. and Jaliani, H.Z. and Zarei, V. and Erfani-Moghadam, V. (2016) Use of single-chain antibody derivatives for targeted drug delivery. Molecular Medicine, 22. pp. 258-270.

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Single-chain antibodies (scFvs), which contain only the variable domains of full-length antibodies, are relatively small molecules that can be used for selective drug delivery. In this review, we discuss how scFvs help improve the specificity and efficiency of drugs. Small interfering RNA (siRNA) delivery using scFv-drug fusion peptides, siRNA delivery using scFv-conjugated nanoparticles, targeted delivery using scFv-viral peptide-fusion proteins, use of scFv in fusion with cell-penetrating peptides for effective targeted drug delivery, scFv-mediated targeted delivery of inorganic nanoparticles, scFv-mediated increase of tumor killing activity of granulocytes, use of scFv for tumor imaging, site-directed conjugation of scFv molecules to drug carrier systems, use of scFv to relieve pain and use of scFv for increasing drug loading efficiency are among the topics that are discussed here. © 2016, University of Michigan. All rights reserved.

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