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Water disinfection using photocatalytic process with titanium dioxide nanoparticles

Zazouli, M.A. and Ahanjan, M. and Kor, Y. and Eslamifar, M. and Hosseini, M. and Yousefi, M. (2015) Water disinfection using photocatalytic process with titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, 25 (122). pp. 227-238.

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Background and purpose: Disinfection is one of the most important stages in water treatment. So far, various chemical disinfection methods such as chlorination have been widely used. However, these methods have serious disadvantages, like producing DBPs. The purpose of this research was to study the efficacy of nTiO2 photocatalyst process on removing E.Coli as a water microbial pollution index and effects of some parameters on its efficiency. Materials and methods: Water was artificially contaminated with E.Coli. Culture method and counting were performed according to standard methods for water and wastewater and was reported as CFU/ml. The size of nTiO2 was 20 nm that was used in the presence or absence of UV for disinfection. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test was used to check the normality of the data. The ANOVA and T-Test were used for analyzing the data. Results: The results indicated that the inactivation of Escherichia coli increased with increase of nTiO2 catalyst dose and contact time. However, the efficiency decreased when the number of colonies increased. Minimum, average and maximum percentage removal of nTiO2+UV process were 75.1, 88.9±12.7, and 100%, respectively, in 40 min contact time and 0.8 g/L catalyst dose. Conclusion: The bacteria mortality rate in the presence of UV alone was more than that of the nTiO2 alone process. However, the efficiency of the photocatalytic process (UV+nTiO2) was more than that of the UV alone or nTiO2 alone. © 2015, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences. All rights reserved.

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