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Lipid peroxidation in different age and ethnic groups: A review

Marjani, A. (2015) Lipid peroxidation in different age and ethnic groups: A review. Bioscience Research, 12 (1-2). pp. 36-40.

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It is believed that free radical variations are the main cause of ageing, development of different diseases or even death. Free radicals affect biological process in a way that cells can loss their function and decrease their resistance to stress which can be related to ageing. Here the alterations of lipid peroxidation in different age and ethnic groups are review. There are many theories to explain the association between lipid peroxidation and basic nature of aging, but there is no exact evidence to explain the biological aging. Theories of aging are multi-factorial process. One of several factors that could be cause of aging process is lipid peroxidation, but inconsistent findings of many researchers have shown that lipid peroxidation may not a main reason of aging. ©ISISnet Publishers.

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