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Estimating effective doses of critical organs due to abdomen and pelvic CT scans using impact CT dosimetry

Birgani, M.J.T. and Tahmasebi, M. and Yadollahpour, A. and Deevband, M.R. and Jamshidi, M.H. and Gomary, M.T. (2015) Estimating effective doses of critical organs due to abdomen and pelvic CT scans using impact CT dosimetry. Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal, 8SE. pp. 833-838. ISSN 24562610

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Using computed tomography (CT) scans in clinical diagnosis has been dramatically increased during recent years. This technique is associated with high levels of radiation dose to patients compared to other imaging methods. Therefore, using accurate and precise methods of estimating the absorbed dose in CT scans is of prime importance. The present study aims to estimate the absorbed and effective doses due to abdomen and pelvic CT scans using ImPACT dose tool. Demographic data and dosimetry data the CT scan of the abdomen and pelvic for 52 patients were used to calculate the critical organs' absorbed and effective doses. The data of CT scans were registered into ImPACT dose tool. In addition, a new equation for estimating the body effective dose using body mass index (BMI) was proposed. The findings showed that the absorbed dose of the most organs was within the dose thresholds recommended by the ICRP103. In addition, the averaged effective dose was less than the predicted value by ICRP-103. Furthermore, a new equation was proposed to estimate the effective dose of the body as a function of patient's BMI. The estimated values by this equation were well in agreement with the calculated dose by ImPACT (R2>0.95). Using our proposed equation for the effective dose calculation, the effective dose of a patient during an abdomen and pelvic CT scan can be estimated.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: abdomen; body mass; computer assisted tomography; dosimetry; genetic polymorphism; human; major clinical study; organ
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