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Determination species of cutaneous leishmaniasis by its-PCR in the locations of infection Golestan province in Iran

Tohidi, F. and Ghaseminejad, P. and Saedi, E. and Rostami, M. (2011) Determination species of cutaneous leishmaniasis by its-PCR in the locations of infection Golestan province in Iran. TROPICAL MEDICINE & INTERNATIONAL HEALTH, 16 (1, SI). pp. 234-235.

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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE: Golestan province is an important endemic foci for Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Iran. Diagnosis of leishmaniasis can be made on the basis of clinical and epidemiology data and parasite size. The aim of this study was to determine the epidemiological status of Cutaneous leishmaniasis and predominant species based on molecular methods in order to recognize accurate species and reservoir control for patients treatment in Golestan province. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This discriptive analytical study was performed on the 63 patients who had suspected ulcers of leishmaniasis and referred to the laboratory of rural health center from 2004 to 2007. For patients a questionnaire including demographical and clinical information was filled. Direct examination of the lesion carried out also the lesion was cultured in N.N.N culture medium. The promastigote DNA was extracted from cultured and a PCR was developed to amplify a fragment containing the internal transcribed spacers of the ribosomal DNA, with primer design ITS1 and ITS2. RESULTS: The species of Leishmania in Torkmen strain was major and Sistani strain people was tropica but in Fars people the frequency of Leishmania major was 33.3% and Leishmania tropica was 66.7%. The most infected area of Leishmania major was Gonbad townshipe. Leishmania major was seen in both sexes but in men more than women (57.1%, 42.9% respectively, P < 0.05). CONCLUSION: This study showed that the predominant species in Golestan province is Leishmania major. Patients had rural cutaneous leishmaniasis.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Cutaneous leishmaniasis, Golestan province, ITS-PCR, species
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