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Prevalence and management of hemophilia A and B with high titer inhibitor in golestan, Iran

Mirbehbahani, N. (2014) Prevalence and management of hemophilia A and B with high titer inhibitor in golestan, Iran. HAEMOPHILIA, 20 (2, SI). pp. 51-52.

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Introduction: According to several reports, 20–30% of severe hemophilia A and 1–3% of severe hemophilia B patients develop inhibitors. The control of bleeding through bypassing agent is the management of these patients. This study reports prevalence of high titer inhibitor (>5 BU) in these patients and their management in Golestan, Iran. Methods: It was studied all of patients with hemophilia A and B from our center. Inhibitor was tested for all of them and cases with inhibitor >5 BU were managed through bypassing agents. Results: There were78 patients (65 hemophilia A and 13 hemophilia B). Three cases (4.6%) of hemophilia A and 3 cases (23.7%) of hemophilia B patients had Inhibitor >5 BU. For these cases, the mean of age was 24 ± 7.87 and 15.67 ± 4.11 for hemophilia A and B, respectively. The better managements were NovoSeven and FEIBA for hemophilia A and B cases, respectively. Discussion/Conclusion: Prevalence of inhibitor of hemophilia A and B in this study was against other studies that maybe it was because of differences in disease severity, race/ethnicity, age, factor exposure as well as genetic of disease. Also, maybe there was a relationship between response to management and type of disease. It is recommended these findings are studied in a larger sample size.

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