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Congenital Bleeding Disorders in Golestan Province, Iran

Mirbehbahani, N. -B. and Rashidbaghan, A. and Kiani, M. and Ghorbani, M. (2015) Congenital Bleeding Disorders in Golestan Province, Iran. HAEMOPHILIA, 21 (2, SI). p. 22.

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Introduction: Patients carrying abnormalities of coagulation cascade have an increased bleeding tendency that clinical severity is mostly dependent upon the type and plasma level of the factors affected. Here, we determine the frequency of bleeding disorders types in two cities of Iran. Methods: In general, there are 119 patients with bleeding disorders in Golestan province, Iran. In a national census, we reviewed 61 patients who were covered by Taleghani hospital, Gorgan and Gonbad.They tested for clinical factors including BT, PT, PTT, von Willebrand disease antigen (vWF:Ag) and von Willebrand factor:ristocetin (vWF:RCo) and FXIII, FV, FVII, FVIII, FIX activities and inhibitor. Results: In studied population, there were 44 (72.1%) males and 17 (27.9%) female. The mean age and age range of patients were 19.87 ± 12.770 and 2– 65 years, respectively. Analyzed data showed that the frequency distribution of various bleeding types was 28 (44.3%) patients with haemophilia A, 6 (9.8%) haemophilia B, 7 (11.5%) haemophilia A and von Willebrand, 3 (4.9%) with FVII deficiency, 7 (11.5%) with FXIII deficiency, 2 (3.3%) von Willebrand, 1 (1.6%) FVIII and FV deficiencies, 6 (9.8%) Bernard- Soulier, 1 (1.6%) Glanzman, 1 (1.6%) FXIII and FI deficiencies. Inhibitor level was determined for 28 haemophilia A and 5 haemophilia B that frequency of this parameter in ranges <0.1, 01–0.5, 0.5–5 (BU) mL⁻¹ and 5 < for haemophilia A was7 (25%), 18 (64.28%), 2 (7.14) and 1 (3.57%) and for haemophilia B was 2 (40%), 2 (40%) and 1 (20%), respectively. Discussion/Conclusion: Haemophilia A was the most common inherited bleeding disorders in this population while in other studies frequency of von Wilbrand is as same as haemophilia A or higher than it. Probably, it is because of our sample size. Disclosure of Interest: None Declared.

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