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A literature review on the adverse effects of hypothyroidism on kidney function

Mansourian, A.R. (2012) A literature review on the adverse effects of hypothyroidism on kidney function. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 15 (15). pp. 709-719. ISSN 10288880 (ISSN)

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Thyroid produce two important hormone of thyroxine or tetraidothyronine (T4) and triidothyronine (T3), which are involved in whole aspect of metabolism. T4 and T3 play vital role in all biochemical function, growth and development in human body. The basic metabolic pathways in kidney and every organ in human controlled by these hormones. T4 and T3 are involved in kidney function in health and diseases condition therefore the pathophysiology of kidney can be directly influenced and regulated by thyroid hormones. Kidney growth, haemodynamic, blood circulation, tubular, electrolyte balance and glomerular filtration rate (GFR) are among such crucial process. Hypothyroidism which accompanied with reduced thyroid hormone production adversely affect the renal functions, development and eventually leading to reduced weight, kidney vascular disorders, electrolyte, tubular transport imbalances, lower filtration rate and other adverse consequences of hypothyroidism. On other hand kidney diseases can also disrupt the thyroid function metabolism resulting in the subsequent hypothyroidism. It is an interesting subject in how thyroid and kidney in health and diseases closely interacted. For the ideal clinical follow up of either of thyroid and renal diseases the two organs should be simultaneously examined for a proper patient management. Close correlation of thyroid and kidney clinical teams are essential to check the cross reactions and adverse interactions which might be produced between these two vital organs to avoid misdiagnosis either of thyroid or kidney abnormalities. © 2012 Asian Network for Scientific Information.

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