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Microbiological detoxification of mycotoxins: Focus on mechanisms and advances

Abdi, M. and Asadi, A. and Maleki, F. and Kouhsari, E. and Fattahi, A. and Ohadi, E. and Lotfali, E. and Ahmadi, A. and Ghafouri, Z. (2021) Microbiological detoxification of mycotoxins: Focus on mechanisms and advances. Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets, 21 (3). pp. 339-357.

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Some fungal species of the genera Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Fusarium secretes toxic metabolites known as mycotoxins, have become a global concern that is toxic to different species of animals and humans. Biological mycotoxins detoxification has been studied by researchers around the world as a new strategy for mycotoxin removal. Bacteria, fungi, yeast, molds, and protozoa are the main living organisms appropriate for the mycotoxin detoxification. Enzymatic and degradation sorptions are the main mechanisms involved in microbiological detoxification of mycotoxins. Regardless of the method used, proper management tools that consist of before-harvest prevention and after-harvest detoxification are required. Here, in this review, we focus on the microbiological detoxification and mechanisms involved in the decontamination of mycotoxins. © 2021 Bentham Science Publishers.

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