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A case of polypoid intraoral nevus in buccal mucosa: A case report

Baghery Moghadam, S. and Mortazavi, N. and Ahmadinia, A.R. and Mirzaei, F. (2020) A case of polypoid intraoral nevus in buccal mucosa: A case report. Journal of Babol University of Medical Sciences, 22 (1). pp. 241-244.

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Mouth discoloration can be of internal or external origin. Melanotic nevus are the result of benign proliferation of melanocytes, the intraoral type of which is not as common as melanotic skin moles. In addition, they have the potential for malignant changes and can develop into oral melanoma. In this article, a case of Polypoid Intraoral Nevus is reported. CASE REPORT: In intraoral examination, a 21-year-old man who had referred to the Oral Diseases Department for dental scaling and examination showed a prominent black lesion with a smooth, 1�1 cm long lobular surface and a firm consolidation in the buccal mucosa. The lesion was asymptomatic and not sensitive to touch. Chronic stimulation was not reported on clinical examination and history, and the diascopy test was negative. Systemic disease and history of drug and tobacco use were not reported. The lesion was removed by excisional biopsy while maintaining a safe margin. The macroscopic specimen was a brownish-gray lesion with elastic consolidation and the microscopic appearance of benign proliferation of nevus cells and melanin production in the connective tissue was observed. The final diagnosis was an intra-mucosal lesion. The patient referred for regular six-month examinations for two years, during which no recurrence or similar symptoms were observed in the oral mucosa. CONCLUSION: In the present case, the histopathological result indicated a mucosal nevus after excisional biopsy. © 2020, Babol University of Medical Sciences. All rights reserved.

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