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Shelterin complex at telomeres: Implications in ageing

Mir, S.M. and Tehrani, S.S. and Goodarzi, G. and Jamalpoor, Z. and Asadi, J. and Khelghati, N. and Qujeq, D. and Maniati, M. (2020) Shelterin complex at telomeres: Implications in ageing. Clinical Interventions in Aging, 15. pp. 827-839.

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Different factors influence the development and control of ageing. It is well known that progressive telomere shorting is one of the molecular mechanisms underlying ageing. The shelterin complex consists of six telomere-specific proteins which are involved in the protection of chromosome ends. More particularly, this vital complex protects the telomeres from degradation, prevents from activation of unwanted repair systems, regulates the activity of telomerase, and has a crucial role in cellular senescent and ageing-related pathologies. This review explores the organization and function of telomeric DNA along with the mechanism of telomeres during ageing, followed by a discussion of the critical role of shelterin components and their changes during ageing. © 2020 Mir et al.

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