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Techno-functional properties of the selected antifungal predominant LAB isolated from fermented acorn (Quercus persica)

Purabdolah, H. and Sadeghi, A. and Ebrahimi, M. and Kashaninejad, M. and Shahiri Tabarestani, H. and Mohamadzadeh, J. (2020) Techno-functional properties of the selected antifungal predominant LAB isolated from fermented acorn (Quercus persica). Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization.

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Improving the quality and shelf life of wheat bread using controlled novel sourdoughs is a promising biotechnology process. In the present study, after molecular identification of the selected antifungal predominant lactic acid bacteria (LAB) isolated from fermented acorn, the isolate was used as starter culture to produce controlled fermented acorn (CFA). Then the characteristics of wheat bread containing non-fermented acorn, controlled and spontaneously fermented acorn were evaluated in terms of textural properties, antioxidant capacity, in situ antifungal activity and overall acceptability in comparison with the control. Sequencing results of the PCR products led to the identification of Pediococcus acidilactici as the selected antifungal LAB isolate. The effect of controlled fermentation on production of bioactive ingredients from acorn was also verified using GC/MS analysis. Crumb texture profile analysis revealed the significant effect (P < 0.05) of acorn substitution on crumb hardness, porosity and loaf specific volume. DPPH radical scavenging activity was remarkably increased after addition of CFA. Surface growth of A. flavus on wheat bread containing CFA was also significantly lower than the other samples. Sensory acceptance of the supplemented bread didn�t show significant difference with control. Accordingly, wheat bread enrichment with CFA, not only improve its quality and shelf life but also increase its safety and techno-functionality characteristics. © 2020, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Antioxidants; Chemical analysis; Food products; Fungi; Lactic acid; Textures, Anti-fungal activity; Antioxidant capacity; Fermented acorn; Functional properties; Texture profile analysis, Quality control
Subjects: فارماکولوژی QV
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