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Cancer incidence in Iran in 2014: Results of the Iranian National Population-based Cancer Registry

Roshandel, G. and Ghanbari-Motlagh, A. and Partovipour, E. and Salavati, F. and Hasanpour-Heidari, S. and Mohammadi, G. and Khoshaabi, M. and Sadjadi, A. and Davanlou, M. and Tavangar, S.-M. and Abadi, H. and Asgari, A. and Behrooz, M. and Cheraghi, M. and Danechin, L. and Dolatkhah, R. and Enferadi, F. and Esshaghi, S. and Farahani, M. and Farrokhzad, S. and Fateh, M. and Vahedi, S. and Golpazir, A. and Hasanzadeh, M. and Hazar, N. and Hoseini-hoshyar, H. and Izadi, M. and Jafarnia, A. and Jahantigh, M. and Jalilvand, A. and Jazayeri, M. and Joola, P. and Kazemzadeh, Y. and Khalednejad, M. and Kooshki, M. and Madani, A. and Malekpour-afshar, R. and Bayat, A.-H. and Moinfar, Z. and Mohamadifar, H. and Mohamadzadeh, G. and Motidost-komleh, R. and Narooei, M. and Niksiar, S. and Pirnejad, H. and Poornajaf, A. and Pourshahi, G. and Rahnama, A. and Rashidpour, B. and Ravankhah, Z. and Rezaei, K. and Rezaeianzadeh, A. and Sadeghi, G. and Shahdadi, A. and Shahi, M. and Sharafi, Z. and Sharifi-moghadam, F. and Soleimani, A. and Soltany-hojatabad, M. and Tahmasebi, Z. and Yadolahi, S. and Yaghoubi-ashrafi, M. and Zandian, H. and Zareiyan, A. and Poustchi, H. and Zendehdel, K. and Ostovar, A. and Janbabaei, G. and Reisi, A. and Malekzadeh, R. (2019) Cancer incidence in Iran in 2014: Results of the Iranian National Population-based Cancer Registry. Cancer Epidemiology, 61. pp. 50-58.

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Background: We aimed to report, for the first time, the results of the Iranian National Population-based Cancer Registry (INPCR)for the year 2014. Methods: Total population of Iran in 2014 was 76,639,000. The INPCR covered 30 out of 31 provinces (98 of total population). It registered only cases diagnosed with malignant new primary tumors. The main sources for data collection included pathology center, hospitals as well as death registries. Quality assessment and analysis of data were performed by CanReg-5 software. Age standardized incidence rates (ASR)(per 100,000)were reported at national and subnational levels. Results: Overall, 112,131 new cancer cases were registered in INPCR in 2014, of which 60,469 (53.9)were male. The diagnosis of cancer was made by microscopic confirmation in 76,568 cases (68.28). The ASRs of all cancers were 177.44 and 141.18 in male and female, respectively. Cancers of the stomach (ASR = 21.24), prostate (18.41)and colorectum (16.57)were the most common cancers in men and the top three cancers in women were malignancies of breast (34.53), colorectum (11.86)and stomach (9.44). The ASR of cervix uteri cancer in women was 1.78. Our findings suggested high incidence of cancers of the esophagus, stomach and lung in North/ North West of Iran. Conclusion: Our results showed that Iran is a medium-risk area for incidence of cancers. We found differences in the most common cancers in Iran comparing to those reported for the World. Our results also suggested geographical diversities in incidence rates of cancers in different subdivisions of Iran. © 2019 Elsevier Ltd

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